Welcome to the Cutting Garden

Today Mom realized ownership of the cutting garden and flowershop down the road. The Amish lady who ran it before was moving, and Mom bought her sign and many of the perennials, and the lady said we could pick all that was blooming in her gardens for the rest of the year and sell the bouquets at our place.

Jordan helped Mom convert the old milkhouse by the driveway into a little roadside shop.

A Duck in the Zinnias

Bucket of lovliness (held by a vision of lovliness – my mother!)

Yummy Hues

Delecate Blossoms

buckets full ready for arranging

A few of the finished bouquets.

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4 responses to “Welcome to the Cutting Garden”

  1. Kinsleys5 Avatar

    Great colors! How fun that you guys are taking over the Cutting Garden! I knew the family their was moving – I didn’t even think about the little business she had!

  2. Kateri Avatar

    How beautiful! How much fun it is it to own a cutting garden and little flower shop!

  3. Abigail Avatar

    Wow, those zinnias are really pretty! (and so is Anneke) 😀

  4. Amy Avatar

    Oh, the flowers are just gorgeous! I really need to plant some cutting flowers, because we don’t really have any on our place.Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures!

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