A Walk Around Marilla

We stayed in Jamestown Friday night after the concert, then spent Saturday driving around through the beautiful fall colors and an area of the state we hadn’t gotten to know yet. A lovely drive around Chitaqua Lake, enjoying some wine tasting, and a de-light-ful shop full to the brim with dollhouses and miniatures. I have been a maniac for minatures since I was a little girl. I hadn’t been in a dollhouse store since I was 11. I almost cried.

Then we headed south into PA to Bradford where our second hotel was waiting for us. We arrived, checked in around 5, then went looking for something to do until we were hungry enough for dinner, having been snacking on the road.

We drove up into the hills as the sun was setting, and found just the thing…

I gasped when I saw this through the trees, and Jeremy kindly turned around and we got out for a look see.

It was the darlingest little lake, with three bridges and a lovely walking trail around it.

I loved the name – I never knew Marilla was a Celtic term, and meant shining sea. I loved it.

Seth enjoyed it, too, staying cozy with Daddy.

We managed another couple shot with the camera on timer…

Enjoyed the color among the hemlocks…

And the reflections in the lake that were as clear and vibrant as actual life.

More pictures from our walk around Marilla tomorrow…

7 responses to “A Walk Around Marilla”

  1. Kateri Avatar

    Trina, thanks for the invitation. Jean is getting married in Vermont next spring and I'm thinking of taking a few extra days around his wedding to explore a bit. I might just take you up on the offer then…

  2. Karen Avatar

    Wow I've been out that way but never had the chance to see those awesome bridges.
    Your pics were all fabulous ! That one of all three of you is so sweet. I was wondering who took it till I read down a little farther to see you used your timer.lol Looks like you had a very pleasant adventure:) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Katie Avatar

    Thanks for sharing these picture with us…wow. it's so very lovely! ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe someday I will see it all.

  4. Trina Avatar

    Jessica – I got the same idea as I walked around the dollhouse store – someday to make one with Jeremy for Claire.

    Kateri, if you come back to NY, you MUST stay with us! I can't believe I lived so close to the beauty of the fingerlakes without exploring it when we lived in Chenango County. We're central to all the lovely state parks and winerys and waterfalls, and would love to have you stay. You must see Toughannock Falls – I just took two of the Studt girls there on Monday when they came to visit for the day…

    That goes for any of my readers, BTW! If you are in Central NY and need a place to stay, or have wanted to meet us, you are welcome any time for lunch or an overnight! I love to exercise hospitality and believe it's one of the reasons God gave us this house. Make yourselves welcome any time.

    Anne – one of the good things about being off facebook is more time to connect with my lovely readers on the blog. Thank you for your kind comment, all the way from Cairo!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jessica Avatar

    The first thing I thought when I saw “Marilla” was Anne of Green Gables (I'm rereading them right now).

    What a beautiful lake! I haven't ever been in a dollhouse store (unless AC Moore counts). Matt and I plan on building our daughter one ourselves when she gets older. I spent so many happy hours playing in my own dollhouse.

    Love the picture of the three of you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Kateri Avatar

    What a pretty little lake! I think next Spring Terry and I are going to explore a bit of New York state (yes, I grew up there, but I've actually been anywhere but a limited part of Chenago County). I will probably be e-mailing you for advice on where to go and where to stay!

  7. Anneloes Avatar

    lovely pictures- you look nice in your glasses! Marilla would make for a nice girl's name maybe?
    Speaking of glasses and 'maturing'. My mom had 7 kids and needed adjustment with her glasses after every pregnancy. Her eyes got BETTER each time! After the 6th she didn't need glasses anymore until she was in her 50-s and needed reading glasses:-) Who knows what happens for you! I have had glasses since i was 10 and don't mind them at all.
    Blessings from Cairo
    (good for you to have stopped Facebook for a while!)

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