So I took all these bridge pictures on our weekend getaway.

Of course I thought of you all when I took them, and I started taking more, so that I’d have some nice ones to show you.

The lake we walked around had 3 bridges and I couldn’t stop taking photos of them at every angle.

As we approached them,

as we crossed them,

when we were across the pond from them…

I thought you all would like my collection of bridge pictures. I thought it would make a nice, bridge-themed post. I thought I would think of something profound to say about bridges.

Some thoughtful metaphor…Like what bridges mean in our lives…yada yada yada.

But nothing came to me.

Then we saw this bridge. And I was glad I had not thought of any profound analogy about bridges, ’cause this bridge would have ruined the whole effect.

Kinda like the tornado ruined this bridge.

There – I made a metaphor.

And showed you my bridge pictures.

Mission accomplished.

The railway bridge above is the main attraction at Kenzua State Park, in PA. It was over 100 years old when a tornado took it out in 2003. They are now reinforcing the remaining bridge and creating a ‘skywalk’ out to the end. It was supposed to be done in Oct. 2010. But it wasn’t. Bummer. We’ll just have to go back. 

The rest of the trip photos will be up next week! Have a great weekend! We’re off to call the second of 3 square dances we are booked for this fall. This is a private dance, but the next one will be public and I will put the info on the blog so you NY readers can come!

3 responses to “Bridges”

  1. Jessica Avatar

    Yikes! That one bridge is a bit torn down.

    You got some great bridge pictures.

  2. Kateri Avatar

    Love this set of photos. I especially like the first photo and the last one. The first one is so serene. The tornado hit bridge is so dramatic. I am glad they are perserving it!

  3. DelightinginHim Avatar

    Love the bridges and beautiful autumn scenery! Very nice! and good photo of you being thoughtful too. ;o)

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