Video Tour of My Home Management Notebook

I made something for you!

OH, and now you know just how much I love you – ’cause vlogging is not one of my strong points. I do it just because I love you all so much. πŸ˜€ I’m convinced that everyone else is much better at vlogging than I, for they make it look so easy!

This was a lot of work for me. But I found that in stepping outside of my comfort zone, I grew, just a little bit. I learned a little about lighting and video editing. I learned that I lack the proper equipment. But I didn’t let that stop me, as my friend Mandy says,

“…you have to ask yourself at some point if you are making more of an impact being real or being perfect.”

So, I apologize for the choppiness of the video – I hope you can see past the imperfections and hope you enjoy me being REAL. πŸ™‚

Video notes:

  • No, I am not usually that patient with Claire.
  • Yes, she is usually that patient with me. She is sunshine personified.
  • The printables I mention are from Life Your Way – Menu Plan, Time Tracker, Goals Worksheet
  • The book I mention is John Maxwell’s Today Matters, which Jeremy listened to and really liked. I’m working on scheduling the time to listen. I actually find more reading time than listening time ’cause the kids don’t like it when I blare the radio.

Other stops on my Home Management Journey…

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How’s your binder? Is it working for you? Is it time to sit down and tweak it again? I’ve found it’s time well spent. I’d love for you to find some room to breathe in your day.

5 responses to “Video Tour of My Home Management Notebook”

  1. A reader Avatar
    A reader

    I have been a reader for a while. This is just an observation, please note I do not know you personally. You come across as stressed and beating yourself up even though you say you don’t. You seem like a very lovely person who tries very hard to live your life fully. But sometimes, it is ok to let go and just live your life without organizing it to its minutia or living every moment purposefully. Some of the best moments of just happen. This binder sounds stressful to me, if it helps you I stand corrected, but I felt the need to say, just live your life Trina, every moment joyfully. Not organized or purposeful. But joyful. Blessings

    1. Trina Avatar

      Dear Reader,
      I appreciate your comment, and I can easily see how someone who does not know me well could assume I was stressed. I’m glad to report, though, that since using a home-management notebook, my life has become significantly less stressful!

      I know that list making and day-planning is not for everyone, but for me it has been a real life-saver. You see, I have found that I’m most joyful and fulfilled when I living intentionally. My binder is a tool that helps me in that goal. Another thing I’ve learned about myself is that I’m rejuvenated not so much by inaction, but by action in a certain direction, such as creative pursuits. That’s what motivates me to manage my time well – so at the end of a week, I’ve been able to fit in the activities that are soul food for me. πŸ™‚ With my personality, if I don’t schedule recreation, it doesn’t happen!

      Thank you for the reminder to enjoy life. I do, I really do. πŸ™‚

  2. Erin Avatar

    Thanks for all the great ideas Trina! I am gathering supplies and ideas for my forthcoming (maybe this next week???) home management binder. I am just really liking the idea of having all of my little notes, to-do’s, lists, goals & roles all contained in one place. And I second Gretchen. Thank you for being REAL. I am just not a glossy, showy, all-put-together person, and have been trying to convince myself that my binder should suit ME, and not be a carbon copy of all the “perfect” ones I see online. God has been teaching me lately that it is okay (and best!) just to be ME. Finding, and resting in, my niche in His kingdom is my desire.

  3. Lisa Avatar

    Thank you for posting this! I have made lists and lists of all my ideas to make my home management notebook. Now I need to actually take the plunge and make it!

  4. Gretchen Avatar

    Just seeing how organized you are is super inspiring.

    I also love your constant reminders to tweak things if they aren’t working.

    Thank you for being you. You inspire me.

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