Valentine’s Day at our House: For the Husband

To the man who has given his all to be my everything.
To the boy who followed wisdom, who sowed good seed instead of wild oats. Who stored up passion and dreams to lavish on someone he hadn’t yet met. Who bought a diamond for one who was nameless. Who learned skills and drew plans for a home to hold a someday family. To the man who waited and saved all this for a girl he didn’t know. 
To the man who saved and longed and searched and then…chose me. 
To the man who took the risk to find out if I was the one. Who stepped into the water before it had parted and chose to love with his will and his heart.
To the man who let my love grown in the fertile ground of commitment, and who held my hand as we fell head-long into the unknown, into love, into vows, marriage, and the beginning of our happy-ever-after. 
To you, who cried the night our first child was born. Who never complains about cleaning bath toys out of the shower. Who buys me organic carrots and patiently gives me directions when I am lost, 15 minutes from home. 
I love you.
For telling me to nap when the house is a mess.
For soaking up my tension and smoothing the ripples and calming my seas.
For teaching me the healing in silence and the beauty of well chosen words.
For lifting me with gentle hands from self-doubt and condemnation to peace and confidence.
For hefting all my cares on your broad shoulders so I can turn and dance. 
Your love has made me a woman. You have strentheed my core and opened my petals and made me bloom. You’ve smiled when I’ve created and nodded for me to grow and said no to stress and yes to the things that make me smile and always reminded me of who I am in Christ. 
You’ve given me the clearest picture of Christ and His unconditional love that I will encounter this side of heaven. You have made me believe in forgiveness and redemption and love…
And you give and give and give and hold me when I cry, even when I don’t know where the tears are from. And you make me smile every day and you ask me to marry you at least once a month. And I have learned that your silence is your strength and that one need not write volumes to express heart depths. Your life is the most eloquent love letter. When I ask you for words you give me so much more. You give me your life. I agree with Shakespeare , who said,
“Men of few words are the best men.”
I lay down my pen. I long to love you without words.

For the idea for this valentine to my husband, I am in debt to Ann Voskamp and drew inspiration heavily from her post, “How to Really Write a Love Letter“. I hope you will go and read her beautiful blog and be inspired to write a love letter (with pen and action) to your beloved, even if you do not yet know his name…

To read our love story, skip over here, and for a little valentine’s encouragement, check out this post. To catch a glimpse of how we make Valentine’s day a family affair, step back in time to this post

5 responses to “Valentine’s Day at our House: For the Husband”

  1. Erin Avatar
  2. Trina Avatar

    sarah, you are so right – I have a great guy and I can't imagine wanting to live independent from his care and direction in any area of my life. I truly believe we are tasting the joy God had in mind when He designed the marriage relationship.

    Thank you all for your kind comments.

  3. rahraht Avatar

    I really LOVE your story Trina. Not just how you met, but how you live in a way that is so “against” the culture that we live in today. Salt and light in a dark generation.
    Your description of your husband makes me think – Who would want to be “independent” from such a great guy?!? ๐Ÿ™‚ If you really read Ephesians, you know that the guys really have the harder part!

  4. Jessica Avatar

    Beautiful post Trina!

  5. DelightinginHim Avatar

    You almost made me cry, that was so touchingly beautiful, what a sweet guy you have, and a blessed one to have you for his wife. ๐Ÿ™‚

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