In which we live and breath and dream about SKIING!

This time of year, our life centers around skiing. The weekdays are spent preparing for, talking about, and anticipating the weekends, which are spent on the mountain or in the ski lodge (depending on age and ability).

It’s not surprising then, that the dollhouse people went skiing last week. Skis were carefully crafted for each of the family – even Grandpa!

A ski lodge was built with blocks and mommy’s cutting boards, and a slope was created with pillows and a blanket. Even the mommy had to get out on the slopes, with her baby snug in a Mobywrap.

Kind of like this mommy and baby (though we abstained from skiing in this get up).

This is how we roll through the parking lot toward a day of lodging – in our awesome new collapsible wagon.

Seth is such a sport!
I love this wagon – I don’t think I’d ever go lodging without it again. We can haul two large ski bags and two children and my purse and our lunch and all the boots and the kids skis and water bottles and blankets – and it doubles as a bed and play pen.

We love lodging…even if we are sleepy from getting up at 6am. (It’s hard to find enough vertical to call a mountain in Upstate New York – we drive 1 1/2 hours to spend the day at our little mountain!)

When sleepiness overcomes the little ones, the wagon turns into a cozy bed. Somehow Claire manages to nap amid the chaos in the lodge each week.

Meanwhile, Daddy is out on the slopes – in this picture, he’s trying out the program’s new Mono-ski. Now, my husband is not handicapped – but he’s been working on his mono-skiing techniques so he can better teach his students.

Last weekend we got Claire on skiis for the first time. It was an incredible thing to see. She absolutely loved every minute of it. When she was on the rope tow, she was pointing to the hill, and when she was going down the hill, she was gesturing at the rope tow wanting to go up again. The faster she went the louder she laughed. This is her waiting impatiently in the lift line. I never saw the differences in her and Jesse’s personalities more clearly. My little thrill-seeker skied more in one morning than her cautious, easy-going brother has in 4 years.

It was definitely a priceless Mommy Memory.

4 responses to “In which we live and breath and dream about SKIING!”

  1. Trina Avatar

    DelightinginHim – I love the mobywrap! I was blessed to receive it as a gift with my first, and have used it more with each successive child. It's the most comfortable baby carrier I've worn I feel it has a drawback in that it takes a few minutes to get into the thing, you may have to re-tie it once or twice to get the fit right, and it can't be put on in the middle of the parking lot before you head into the grocery store. That's when I use my snuggly. That being said, anyone who likes the idea of 'wearing' their baby, even only occasionally, would enjoy having a moby in their collection of carriers. It's great for long walks and when you want the baby to be cozy!

  2. Joanna Avatar

    I wonder if Claire is any relation to a certain person several little people call “Aunt” Elise??? It won't surprise me in the least to see a helmet on Claire's head one day soon as she bombs the black diamonds ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. DelightinginHim Avatar

    That wagon looks really handy! I've only “hit the slopes” once this winter but hope to go again soon.
    Btw, I looked at your Mobywrap and wanted to ask you how you like it? We ordered one for a friend as a baby shower gift, it arrived today. I was surprised to see they are made in Chico, Ca, just less than 2 hours away from where I live!

  4. April Avatar

    I guess I need to have Claire come teach this Coloradoan a thing or two about skiing…


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