Update on the Spitty Princess

I thought she was doing better…but no. ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s been averaging 3 outfits a day (and 1-2 sets of pj’s, a few more onsies, and countless burp rags – told you I was doing a lot of laundry!) and it seemed an improvement. But this morning she has spit up on me 4 times in the last hour. I’m just waiting for Jeremy to come home for his lunch break so I can get a shower – I am soaked!! After a week of fasting everything I could think of that might be giving her indigestion, I figured it wasn’t anything I was eating. My guess is it’s the way in which she nurses – she’s very noisy and gulps air with almost every swallow. I guess she’ll just have to grow out of it!

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  1. CVO Avatar

    I beg to differ on opinions of medical guidance, Mossback. “Primum non nocere” (“Above all [first], do no harm.”) is one of the primary principles all doctors are instructed to use to guide their practice of medicine. Before running any tests or delivering any treatment that might cause positive or negative stressors to the pediatric patient and/or the mother (as in this case), doctors assess what the best course of medical action would be. And then, after being absolutely certain and with minimal invasion, they proceed with their exams (which could be as simple as listening to the lungs, feeling on top of the skin, etc.) and then make treatment recommendations. Doctors know that any undo stress or rash treatment decisions – as addition to whatever is going on – will only worsen the situation. They research first, act second. Having been a student of the psychological sciences myself (with emphases in research and maternal/child nutrition), having grown up with a Nurse for a mother, and having experienced MANY trips to doctors (of both modern and naturopathic/homeopathic and eastern medicine) myself over the years, I don't shy away from heading in and asking questions when my own research & trials at home don't seem to be working for something that clearly isn't going right. I embrace my doctors' help…they have studied and know way more about medicine than me or what I can ever see with an untrained eye. And without them, I very well wouldn't be here today.This said, we all know doctors are just as human as the rest of us, no one of them is perfect. But, I believe the professional & licensed science of medicine is a useful tool to be used, not to be afraid of or avoided.

  2. Trina Avatar

    thanks all for your kind concern and tips. I talked to my midwife yesterday and she said that as long as Claire is growing and happy (which she is) then there is nothing to worry about – it’s just an inconvenience. She has her 6-week checkup (a little late) next week, which should confirm this advice. On Today’s to-do list, meanwhile, is the notation “make more bibs!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Genuine Lustre Avatar

    Trina – does she fuss at the breast and have a hard time settling down? If so, she might be having a problem handling your strong letdown. If you think that’s the case, try keeping her a little more upright as you nurse, don’t switch sides – just use one side per feeding.If she’s growing and gaining ( which should be obvious to you – she looks good and plenty of wet and dirty diapers) then it’s just a nuisance problem, not a health problem. A doctor’s visit will subject her to to uncomfortable tests and stress. This is must my motherly opinion – not medical advice obviously.

  4. CVO Avatar

    Maybe it’s time to take her in to the doctor? With as much of her meals as it sounds she is spitting up, her nutrition can become a big issue…in addition to all the laundry you have to do!!!

  5. Keri Avatar

    I feel your pain even though I don’t have any children. I babysat my niece this summer from her 3rd to 5th month. She was a projectile spitter upper, so I wore a lot of it! She would soak me down to my skivvies and it was so gross! A good day only included a few outfit changes for her and me. I don’t have any solutions, just sympathy!Claire is so cute and Jesse looks like a great big brother!

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