Beautiful Perspective

My Beauty for the day is second hand – hmm, there’s gotta be a better term for that! I’ve been saving up some lovely linkage to share with you all – believe me, I would not pass these on if they weren’t really good! These will be especially enjoyed and appreciated by the young mothers in my readership – check them out!

I love Naomi’s perspective in this post about, well, dying! and the seeds that will grow from this season of motherhood when we give so much or ourselves, over and over and over again…

Last night Jeremy shared this post with me from a blog of an old friend – Kaley writes poignantly about how her expectations of herself may be limiting her enjoyment of this season with her two young sons. Good reminder. Just what I needed to hear while facing yet another sleep-deprived night! 🙂

And finally, a new blog I found that I have only briefly explored, but promises to be a favorite – Small Notebook. “Notes and encouragement for a simple and peaceful home”. Don’t miss this post on starting your day right.Thanks to Serena – I believe that’s where I got the link!

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