Things I am Happy about…

A fter 3 trips to the dentist, hours in a cold waiting room, and numerous x-rays, I am told that I DO NOT have a cavity! Not a single one! I have beautiful teeth! Hooray! My delight is hardly dampened by the news that the mysterious, intermittent pain in my lower right molars is due to an impacted wisdom tooth which will require oral surgery. Nope, doesn’t phase me. I’m just glad I don’t have a cavity. Why such a fear of cavities, and such a blase attitude about wisdom tooth extraction? Maybe ’cause my mom was a dental hygienist and the fight against cavities is one of my earliest memories. “Get those sugar bugs!” she would cry as she scrubbed at my teeth. 🙂

::We finally got our first good snow, followed by a sunny day that allowed me to experience our new house in a new light – ‘snowlight’ that is. I love how sun on snow makes every room look bright and crisp. Claire’s room is especially nice in the afternoon. Hmm, that reminds me – I need to finish the house tour. Next room to nearly be ready for pictures is the living room – hooray!

::Hanging out with family watching stupid movies. We initiated Colin the other night by introducing him to Rocket Man. I laughed till I felt sick. I love that movie. It is so stupid. That’s why it’s so funny. “Classic story…boy meets girl, girl goes into hypersleep…”

2 responses to “Things I am Happy about…”

  1. Traci Avatar

    Never had a cavity myself… but I did have surgery for my wisdom teeth to be removed! Not the worst experience I've ever had.

  2. equestrian4jc Avatar

    Ma'am, I have been watching your blog for a little while and have never commented, but I had to comment this time because Rocket Man is one of my family's favorite movies. I love that line you quoted. “It's a tale as old as time, Ulysses…..”. It's such a stupid movie, it is kind of hard to explain to friends and we are a bit afraid to say we like it, so I'm always happy to find someone else who likes it.

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