Things I am Celebrating

:: Finishing the decorating I wanted to do around the house. A thrifted, crocheted snowflake in each window, and pinecones. Lots of pinecones.

:: Getting more settled each month – finally hung this treasured heirloom in a sunny spot in my kitchen.
My mother had one of these enamelware pieces from her mother, who brought it over from Holland in the 1950’s. Before my wedding, my mom went antiquing and actually found a similar piece in the perfect color to match my kitchen. Originally these little cups held salt, sand, and baking soda – old fashioned cleaning supplies. I’m actually not sure what language is on my cups – my Mom’s had Dutch, but mine are different. Anybody recognize the language?

:: This little Boy. So full of joy and creativity. His favorite toy this week is a little stuffed duck. The adventures they have are amazing. And you never know what you’re gonna find in the couch cushions.

::The Princess. Loves the Christmas Tree and all the lights and reading our Advent Book. So fun to watch her discover all that is good in this world.


Later this week I plan to share some of my favorite gift wrapping ideas. If you want to join me in saving money and making a really nice present presentation, then gather your supplies now…
-ask for paper bags next time you’re at the grocery store (even if you usually use your cloth bags, this will still be a ‘green choice’ ’cause we’re gonna reuse those bags!)
-find some gold or silver spray paint at the dollar store
dry some oranges!

6 responses to “Things I am Celebrating”

  1. Natalie_S Avatar

    Love the pictures of your home. Those snowflakes are darling.

  2. Miki Avatar

    I was wondering if the language on your enamelware was Gaelic, but I see others recognized it as German… whatever the language it is an absolutely gorgeous piece. Love the wreath in your header, love the snowflakes in your windows, and love the little duckie tucked into the corner of the couch there. I impulsively bought my two youngest kiddos identical little beanbag puppies one shopping day years ago and those two things have been their favorite playthings ever since. Seriously, even now, the “puppies” are played with every single day, and they are close to 8yo! Gotta love those imagination powered toys, eh?;)

  3. Traci Avatar

    Love the new header!

  4. Christine Avatar

    Yep – it's German. Very cool heirloom…

  5. Abbey Avatar

    I love your new header picture Trina!! Very festive indeed!!:)
    Can't wait for the post about gift wrapping!!

  6. Mrs. Guthrie Avatar

    I *think* it is German….

    Seife means “soap”
    Soda and Sand are a bit self explanatory. 😉

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