Steady Progress

The Tub is in!!! And backer-board has been installed, so we are ready to tile!

The half-wall behind it creates the shower stall. There are going to be little built-in cubby-holes in this wall for candles and things.

Aren’t remodeling pics so much better with cute kids in the shot?

I totally love the light/fan we chose for the ceiling. Blue, frosted glass, and soooo quiet – what’s not to love? When it’s on at night, it actually looks greenish – wait till you see how it looks with the new wall color!

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough  accomplishments for one week, my husband built me an attic! We have this huge, generous stair well – It’s so big and high, I’ve never been able to get all the cobwebs down. Well, now that empty space is put to good use – it’s holding all the storage bins that we had tucked into all the bedrooms  – on big, sturdy shelves. For those of you without an attic, you know how exciting it is whenever you gain new storage space! My husband rocks.

4 responses to “Steady Progress”

  1. mira Avatar

    ooh, that's a good idea for more long-term storage. I'll have to remember it. Maybe luggage would be less scary since it's pretty light?

    love the look of cubbies in the tub wall for candles/books/etc. can't wait to see the finished product. Maybe you'll finish in time to have a surprise water birth, lol!

  2. Trina Avatar

    The attic – you have to be a little brave and have a ladder. 🙂 All the stuff up there is things we only access about once a year – Christmas decorations, decorations for my wedding business, and clothes the kids have grown out of. It's not terribly accessible, but it doesn't have to be for these things. We are finding other corners and closest for stuff we would want to get to easier.

  3. Kateri Avatar

    Can't wait to see the finished project. That bathroom is going to be beautiful. I'm wondering how you access the over the stairs storage, too.

  4. Pam Avatar

    It looks like it'll be wonderful! How do you/will you access the stairwell storage?

    Enquiringly yours,

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