Some of my latest work

Pearl Two and Knit Away

Day Dreams

Velvet and Mini Melody

Forest Floor
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18 responses to “Some of my latest work”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Anja, Just awesome!
    I like the mini melody.
    The velvet one would match the basket that you helped me make last summer.

    Tante Antje

  2. Julia Marie Avatar
    Julia Marie

    Wow, those are gorgeous! *gush* Great work!

  3. Analisa Avatar

    Those are all so beautiful! You are so talented! My favorite is the Day Dreams one! Love, Analisa

  4. Laney Avatar

    Lee, we need to make you a website!!!maybe while i'm single through the weeks i can see what i can make up!The mini melody has my hair color in it!! <3xoxo

  5. Amy Avatar

    Anja, the baskets are all so lovely!! Beautiful pictures, too!


  6. Will Avatar

    Those are all very nice Anja, my favorite is probably Knit Away.

  7. rebecca Avatar

    I love all of these! My favorite is the Day Dreams one, though.

  8. Serena Avatar

    They are all so beautiful! I've never seen baskets so unique and lovely.

  9. Abigail Avatar

    Yeah, I really like the Day Dreams one. They all are pretty much amazing though!

  10. Anna Avatar

    That is so beautiful! Hi Anneke!

  11. Natalie Roth Avatar
    Natalie Roth

    Very pretty! I love the Knit Away one.

  12. Alice Avatar

    Just gorgeous, Anja! My favorite is the Day Dreams basket. Great colors!

  13. Anja Avatar

    Yes it is all very inherited, My mom is very talented!!

  14. rahraht Avatar

    This could be your next give-away! (Although I love your bags!) You are all so talented…is that inherited wealth?:)

  15. Duck Avatar

    Can I have one for free?

  16. abigail Avatar

    Wonderful! My favorite is Forest Floor!

  17. Jeremy Avatar

    Are they for sale?

    If they are you should put your prices next to them.

  18. Olivia Joy Avatar
    Olivia Joy


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