“Redeeming Childbirth” Giveaway!

As I said in my review last month, this is a book I wish I could give to every one of my readers. That’s why I’m delighted that it’s my turn to host a giveaway of Redeeming Childbirth.

Angie Tolpin 4

The more time I spend with this book, the more I love it. So much balance, so much grace, such a wonderful reminder of what we should focus on in childbirth.

I’ve learned to be very selective about what I read when pregnant, or what I recommend to preggo friends, because we can be so emotional and vulnerable during that season. Books with negative stories or judgmental tones can ruin our day or give us sleepless nights. But this book gets my full stamp of approval as great reading material in whatever season of motherhood you are in!

If you would like to be in the drawing to win a copy of Angie’s book, leave a comment on this post. Share a favorite moment during pregnancy or birth in which you experienced redemption, if you like! Giveaway will go through Wed. Feb. 6th, and winners will be announced on Monday, Feb. 11th.

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  1. coley r Avatar
    coley r

    i love this.. would love to read this one.. the moment i knew God was in control.. when i wanted so badly to be induced with my second and the dr told me to wait .. she came in 3 hrs and one push.. God knows when the PERFECT time is!

  2. Rachel Avatar

    This book sounds amazing! The Lord has taught me so much throughout my three pregnancies, how wonderful my husband is, how hard (and amazing) labor and childbirth are, how to be okay with my stretch marks, how I can’t try to do everything, that I will never be a perfect parent, how to reject common cultural expectations and pressures and so many other things!

  3. Erin Avatar

    Would really like to read this book in preparation for a possible future pregnancy, but would also love to share it with my younger sister-in-law who is pregnant with their first.

  4. Emily Upchurch Avatar

    The moments of realisation hours and days after giving birth to my daughter how mercifully the Lord had spared her when her heart rate dropped ten minutes before birth (and she was having difficulty getting started breathing immediately after birth). I was too disoriented from two hours of pushing to realise how much danger she was in at the time. At that point things that didn’t go my way (like immediate skin-to-skin and delayed cord clamping) didn’t seem very important. Thankful for the Lord’s kindness…and for a midwife who was willing to perform an ‘unnatural’ intervention when it was needed!

  5. Janice Avatar

    I had fretted and worried about if I would go into labor on my own in time to avoid anyone trying to make me be induced. I prayed about it but kept fretting because I figured what was going to happen would happen anyway whether I prayed or not. Then at 40-6/7 weeks pregnant I heard a sermon about miracles, that God still can and will perform miracles if we ask Him. Then I fully surrendered the timing to Him, and 6 hours later I went into labor and gave birth at 41 weeks!

  6. Lois Avatar

    My only favorite thing during my 9 months of continual puking and being sick was feeling my daughter kicking. Nothing can compare with that feeling!

  7. Rachel Avatar

    Sounds lovely! I would love to read this book :).

  8. Julie Avatar

    To select only one favorite memory from my seven births is difficult, so I must narrow it down to my favorite birth. The labor and delivery of my third child, my first girl, was *the* most intimate time of worship I have yet experienced. I truly was caught up into a deep worship that consumed me until she was crowning. Singing favorite worship songs while surrounded my Godly labor support team (husband, doula, midwife, intercessors) swept me into the Presence of the Lord and was truly my favorite way to labor.

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  10. samW Avatar

    I think just holding each little one in my arms for the first time….

  11. Julie Sholtess Avatar
    Julie Sholtess

    This looks really good!! While I have never had a baby, I am a doula so I have had the privilege of seeing the miracle of birth.

  12. Maria Avatar

    I’m still waiting in hope for the pregnancy that lasts nine months and ends with a healthy baby. That would be very sweet redemption.

  13. Rachel Avatar

    I’ve only had one birthing experience (so far!) and as a high school science teacher, I really know the ins and outs of the anatomy and physiology (esp. those dang hormones!) that makes pregnancy and birth so amazing. When I was going through [natural and very fast (2 hours)] labor, especially the pushing phase, I was reminded over and over again – with each wave of oxytocin spurring my uterus to contract – how God so perfectly built our bodies to bring our children into the world. Can’t wait to read this book!

  14. Yanah Avatar

    One of my favorite moments was a very difficult one. My pregnant friend lost her baby one month before I was due. She was full term and lost him during labor. I was devastated and very fearful. I found it difficult to feel joy in the midst of her sorrow. My heart was broken for her, but I had to carry on and hope for a good outcome with my baby. I had a very difficult labor. The baby was posterior and at one point my midwife said, “Yanah, you need to stop being fearful, cry out to the Lord and get this baby out.” My husband sat on the bed behind me and held me under the arms in my squatting position. He prayed into my ear and the baby came out, with the most difficult push I’ve ever had to do. He was a perfect, healthy baby boy, with the cord wrapped tightly around his neck. They didn’t know he was posterior until he came out. So many things could have gone wrong, but the Lord met me, and gave me a healthy, live birth. He was in the room, blessing me, giving life and breath to both me and my baby. He gave me joy! I would love to read this book for future little blessings from the Lord.

  15. Melanie Avatar

    I would love, love, love to read this book. My redeeming moment was when I made it to 9cm naturally during my second labor. I knew there was no going back and I was going to be able to have a natural birth like I wanted. I remember just smiling at my husband even though I was having intense contractions!

  16. Donna Avatar

    I have a lot of favorite moments because I had my daughter within the period of time that God was drawing me. Seeing how loved I was inspire of my sins and ignoring His voice He drew me even giving me a name for her that means success in God! Would love to read this as one believing God for another child…. With a hubby this go round, both future hopes.

  17. Karyn Avatar

    Oh, this is my first pregnancy and I’m in the middle of it. I think having God bring me the right people at the right time has made me feel very loved. He has done a lot but the comfort of knowing he cares is what I value most and I see it clearly in divine appointments and friendships that are just the right fit for me.

  18. Karyn Avatar

    Thank you so much for this recommendation! I hope I win but if not I’m really glad to know of this book’s existence.

  19. Angie Tolpin Avatar

    Thank you for your kind words about Redeeming Childbirth! I so appreciate all the support and help getting the word out. To God Be the Glory!

  20. Rebecca Avatar

    I am pregnant for the second time and my favorite part has once again been feeling the baby kick for the first time. It allowed me to connect even more with my child and give me peace of mind that it was okay. This book would be perfect timing!

  21. Amy Avatar

    I would love to read this!

    1. Trina Avatar

      Amy, you are the winner! Please email me at trina@trinaholden.com!

  22. Jeannie Pederson Avatar
    Jeannie Pederson

    I would love to read this book! Redeeming moment? I think it was more that the whole experience of pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum redeemed me… I have a healthier body image than I’ve had in my life, because I finally understand that it’s not about me. God has a :plan: for my body that goes far beyond trying to perfect and preserve its beauty (or our culture’s definition of beauty).

  23. Joanie Avatar

    I can’t really pick out any favourite pregnant moment–I enjoyed all four of my pregnancies. I felt like such a complete woman when I was pregnant, as if “this is what my body was meant to do.” One of my DILs is expecting my 4th grandchild (her 2nd child) and I would love to give this book to her.

  24. monica Avatar

    Oh, my definite favorite from every birth has been the profound relief and overwhelming love immediately after I deliver (I think snuggling a brand new baby is wonderful, too!).

  25. Elizabeth Avatar

    So much of pregnancy and childbirth was not what I expected, and I am learning that expectations affect SO much of my own contentment! I would love to read this book and then pass it along to my other mommy friends.

  26. Claire @ Lemon Jelly Cake Avatar

    Favorite moment? Probably when my 40 hour natural labor was finally over! 😉

  27. Cassandra wadel Avatar
    Cassandra wadel

    I would to read this book!

  28. babz covington Avatar
    babz covington

    childbirth , my own and the others i have been blessed to witness confirmed in my heart the presence of what i now call , ‘everyday miracles’.

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