Redeeming Childbirth

It seems as though Tuesdays have become ‘Book days’ my blog! Every week this month, one of my bloggy friends has come out with a new book, and each time it’s been one I’ve been delighted to share with you. Know this: I don’t just post any old book that comes along, but save my blog for sharing with you the ones I wish I could personally purchase and put into the hands of ever momma I know. Today’s is another good one!

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Today, my friend Angie’s book, “Redeeming Childbirth: Experiencing His Presence in Pregnancy, Labor, Childbirth, and Beyond” was born. (forgive my pun, couldn’t resist…)

I am seriously impressed with this book. Its message is so refreshing, and so needed.

Have you ever felt judged about your birthing choices? Or have you judged other women? (Yikes, that one hits a little too close to home for me!) In the beginning of her book, Angie openly addresses the rift we have allowed to develop between women and their widely differing birth choices, and calls us to not condemn anyone, but exhorts each of us to “seek God in all things, including pregnancy and childbirth”.

Angie continues, “If we claim home births are the most spiritual, wouldn’t that be putting God in a box? God is everywhere and He wants to be invited
everywhere, birth centers and hospitals included.”

“Redeeming childbirth is not something we can do; it is something the Lord wants to do. We just need to surrender to Him. It will look different for everyone as we are all unique women on our unique journeys with the Lord, but we can all purpose to glorify Him through giving birth.”

Wow. And that’s just the first chapter! This book has convicted and inspired me to let God redeem more of this area of my life, and to extend grace to the other mammas around me!

The book continues in a grace-filled manner to address:

• What redeeming childbirth means and what it looks like.
• Lies women believe and false teachings about birth.
• Fears that bind us.
• Preparing your heart, soul, and mind for birth and motherhood.
• Experiencing the presence of the Lord in birth through prayer
and worship.
• Being a missionary wherever you are, even in the midst of
• Engaging birth with your spouse in a way that strengthens your
• Leaving a legacy for your children with regard to pregnancy and
• Surrendering idols concerning birth under the headship of

Having met Angie personally several times, I am so excited that she has created a book so that many more woman can ‘meet’ her, and be encouraged by her passion and heart for woman. Screen shot 2013-01-12 at 11.23.38 AM

The book is available on Amazon in paperback as well as a Kindle edition. This week only, the study guide is free to download.  There’s gonna be a twitter party tonight from 9-10 EST if you like that sorta thing (they give me a complete rush, truth be told!) You can also visit to enter the launch day giveaways!

I received this book in exchange for my very own, honest, opinionated review. And, we’ve got affiliate links going on here, so there you go!

(O.K. now I’m off to go work on my own book-in-progress  so that some Tuesday soon I can share THAT with you! ;))

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  1. Nancy Avatar

    I remember being young,(a long time ago and far away) having babies, natural childbirth, spiritual midwifery, la leche league. I think the one thing that woke me up was that while I was so intent on wanting a home birth, God knew better than me. We are all different. some of us can birth babies like brushing our teeth, two minutes and there’s the babe. Some of us may want to but our bodies just don’t work that way. We need help. I recall sitting at a la leche league meeting and someone started talking about childbirth options and why she would “never” ever let a doctor near her with a pair of forceps since everyone knew forceps caused brain damage. What she didn’t know was that my precious precocious 1 yr old who was a walkie talkie and was 2 months younger than her little man crawling around on all fours and non-verbal was a forceps baby. Not that I was any less judgmental in my time- I was a diehard breast feeding mama, my kiddos didn’t have bottles. I truly think at one time I believed that it was close to abuse to NOT breastfeed. Then I became a nurse – I saw first hand, how many mamas were besotted with their babies and yet could not get their heads around breastfeeding. I realized then the bottom line is that God is there in all of it- He gifts us differently and the real point of all of this is to rejoice with Him in new life and new love and new families. However they get here, wherever they are born and no matter how we nurture them!

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