{Cherished} Moments this Week

Sometimes the doubts come flying so fast, you can’t fight back on your own. You need someone else to speak truth into your life, and you need it now.

I’m glad I’ve learned to reach out when those moments come. We weren’t supposed to do this alone.

I dialed one of my mentors, even though I knew that I was enough of a mess that I may not get my first sentence out without crying.

She answered, and listened, and cheerfully and generously took over the job of fighting off the lies for me so I could catch my breath. She spoke truth into each of the situations that was weighing me down, and I immediately felt lighter, clearer, and straighter than I had in days. She reminded me that yes, writing a book is hard work. Probably means you’re on to something. And that when I feel like a failure as a mom–it’s ok, because our God is bigger than our failures. And when I’m tired, it’s ok to admit it.

After thanking her profusely and hanging up, I dipped my hands back into the dishwater and stared out into the snowy darkness. The tears continued to drip, but I was savoring that distinct feeling…that I have a heavenly Father who loves me, for He gave me this friendship for such a time as this.

Later, another friend came for dinner. Afterwards I read her that key chapter of my new book, the one that I’ve felt increasingly inadequate to write, but God keeps calling me to. She listened carefully and offered priceless encouragement and insight. After she left I sat down at the computer again and for the first time in days, I felt like, with God’s strength, I could actually finish this, and perhaps well.

And then I felt it again–the unmistakeable sensation of being…Cherished…by my Father.

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5 responses to “{Cherished} Moments this Week”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    It is good to be loved <3.

  2. Debi @ FunkiPlanet.com Avatar

    This is such a great post. I love how you write in such a way that I can really “feel” with you. You took me in and let me walk with you, if just for a few minutes and that was very nice. Well done and thank you!

  3. Natasha Metzler Avatar

    And this… this is why I love the body of Christ. They put hands and feet to Jesus and point our gazes back to Him who loves.

  4. denise Avatar

    Glad you shared.

  5. Regina Avatar

    Beautiful post.

    “He gave me this friendship for such a time as this.’ — Isn’t that an amazing part of God’s love for us? Giving us friends who are just the right thing at the right time? Whether they are helping to share our joys, ease our burdens, or speak truth into our lives. Your stories reminded me of a couple treasured friends of my own.

    I can also relate to feeling inadequate to what I’ve been called to do. Thank God that he doesn’t require adequacy! Only obedience. I pray that as you write, you will be encouraged. That the right words will find their way from your heart to the page. And that you’ll be blessed and inspired and changed in the process.

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