2 Tips for Fighting a Slump {Or What to Do When You Have a Mold Problem}

Then there was that time that we evacuated our house in the middle of winter because of a mold problem.

We knew we had mold in the downstairs bathroom, especially since a particular 4 year old left the tap running two years ago and flooded the aged carpet in there. The real problem was not realizing what a health concern mold can be. We were planning on remodeling that bathroom, but it just wasn’t in the budget yet. So, ignorant of how toxic mold spores can be, we continued to use it.

And fought chronic sinus infections all last winter, and all this year, except for when we were gone to Alabama. You’d think we’d put two and two together. Finally, two weekends ago, I did an internet search and educated myself on the dangers of breathing mold. Um, yeah. Not so good. And probably the reason for our colds, weird rashes, insomnia, anxiety, and general failure to thrive, despite a nourishing diet and no known allergies.

  • Thankfully, a family member’s house stood vacant this winter, ready for us to move in to temporarily.
  • Thankfully, my husband has construction experience, and will be able remediate the mold himself.
  • Thankfully, when he started working on it, he found that the 7 layers of flooring and 3 layers on the wall in that old bathroom had protected the actual structure of the bathroom from too much mold.
  • Thankfully, the house we’re staying in has a dishwasher, so this little interruption has been like a tiny vacation in that regard.

I’m not trying to sugar cote this. It’s not been fun. Learning my dear little house was the reason we’d fought illness for two years was deeply disturbing to my homemaker’s heart. Packing to evacuate is not nearly as fun as packing for one of our frequent road trips. Coping with all of this while feeling like I have a case of mono (common symptom of mold toxicity) has been a challenge. But two key things that helped me get back on track after getting derailed by circumstances beyond my control…

How to Fight a Slump

1. Count your blessings. Clichéd, but wonderfully effective. I started a list of things to be grateful for when we got here. It helped me keep my focus on lovely things. The fact that the stove here has a light above it—I can see what I’m cooking! The many windows in this house, letting the rare bits of sunshine in to brighten my day. Being within walking distance of the library (and a thrift store!). Everyone’s colds clearing up for the first time since early December–Hooray!

2. Embrace Beauty. When I was in the deepest moments of my pity party, a faithful friend gave me a much-needed kick in the pants. Told me to buck up and start embracing beauty where I was at (ironically, the whole theme of the book I’m in the middle of writing). I started a beauty campaign by turning that week’s produce purchases into a centerpiece for the table, and things began to look up from there. Later that week I made a trip to the thrift store. More than just retail therapy, this was a conscious decision to find and embrace beauty in my week, and my efforts were rewarded with $15 of treasures that gave my wardrobe a complete make over. (Woot!) Yes, I believe He invented beauty to give us joy.

So, that’s my explanation for my general scarcity online lately. The house we’re staying in doesn’t have internet, and as of this week, I’ve used up most of the data on my phone waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before the end of my billing month. Please pardon any delay in responding to emails or comments–I only have internet when I walk to the library. Also, we’d appreciate your prayers as we detox and heal from the mold exposure, try to retain some normality for our kids in the midst of all this discombobulation, and work to clean up our home.

Blessings, and I miss you all! –Trina

(Wondering how to help your kids detox from mold exposure or other toxins? We use the GAPS diet as a gentle detox for the whole family each January–read more about the diet here.)

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  1. Natalie (@fashionatalie) Avatar

    I see now someone posted a link to your website in our inCourage writer’s group (through Dayspring!)

  2. Natalie (@fashionatalie) Avatar

    Trina! I’ve been scouring your blog after seeing it listed (well–goodness, somewhere? Are you in our inCourage writer’s group by chance?), and I wanted to say how much your posts about this mold fiasco have been speaking to my heart. I lived in an apartment in New England for 6 1/2 years, and the last few years was really experiencing all of the symptoms of mold poisoning myself. I didn’t have it officially confirmed, but now, 4 months out of the apartment, and reading your words, really struck a chord with me. I’m hoping to move back, but we need to get the mold under control–because panic attacks, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and feeling like you have no energy/motivation/constantly sick, IS NOT FUN! And I had to pack up and move halfway across the country. Off to look at some of the resources you and others have posted…and so glad to find a ‘kindred spirit’ in New England 🙂

    1. Trina Avatar

      Natalie, thanks for coming by! I do hope you get the mold issue resolved! P.S. I visited your blog and I LOVE it! 😉

  3. Amy Avatar

    I am so sorry to hear about your home & health issues. How wonderful that you now know and God is providing for you. Have you checked out the Mom’s Aware website? It has some good info on mold & detox.

  4. Lisa Avatar

    I’m so sorry about the mold issue! 🙁 Here is an article about using bentonite clay to detox. I’ll be praying for you and your family! And hey – I’d love to hear about your thrift shop wardrobe purchases! 🙂

  5. Deb Weaver Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this with us! (((HUGS))), sweet gal. Glad you’ve discovered the problem and that God has refocused your heart on His blessings and beauty in the midst of it. That’s so important. Also, please try to be kind to yourself during this transitional period. You’re juggling a lot. Try to rest, find things that bring you joy, think kind thoughts about yourself/your efforts, laugh, and accept help and grace. You are precious.

    Deb Weaver

  6. Jennifer Peterson Avatar

    OH so glad you found out how terrible mold can be for you and your family!!! So thankful that your husband is handy, you have a place to stay and praying you can get home soon.

  7. Dawn @ The Momma Knows Avatar

    Oh I’m so glad you were able to figure out the cause of your health problems! Finding mold in your house and realizing it was the cause– smart momma! Discombobulation with a dishwasher (where you hadn’t had one) can work out to your advantage. 😉 Praying you get to go back home soon though! Get well!

  8. Sandra at Thistle Co Avatar

    Mold is life threatening and the Old Testament has plenty to say on the subject. I’m glad your husband is able to fix the problem and you’ve got a place to live off-site. As to counting your blessings, it’s not a cliche. Again, the Bible tells us to remember what God has done for us, to keep it in the forefront of our minds.
    Don’t forget to get enough sleep; not getting enough restful sleep can contribute to a slump or depression. As can not eating well or drinking enough water. Simple stuff makes such a huge difference!
    My blog post today is a kit to use when I shop at thrift stores, consignment shops, antique stores, auctions, etc. I think it’s going to be a huge help.

  9. Jessiqua Wittman Avatar

    Ohhh! That ugly, nasty mold! My family has fought it before. It’s MEAN stuff.
    In fact, its so mean, Scripture dedicates whole sections of Leviticus to the cleansing of it. 😛
    I’m so glad your man knows how to heal your house of it. Blessings on all of your family’s healing, too!
    You are so right on finding beauty where we’re at. I’m looking forward to your book coming out! 🙂

  10. Gretchen Louise Avatar

    Love you, friend. So thankful the mold problem is fixable. Praying for you all!

  11. Claire @ Lemon Jelly Cake Avatar

    Oh, Trina! I haven’t felt the ill effects of mold myself, but I know how tough it can be. Our beautiful but old church building is plagued by it. So sorry you’re going through this!

  12. Crystal Avatar

    Saying a prayer for good health for you all today! Thankful you figured it all out and are now on the mend! And yes, thankfulness is one way I always use to fight that yucky feeling! He is good in all things and it’s important for us to look for His goodness!

  13. Carrie Avatar

    My 2 kids suffered a year with non stop “colds and allergies”. My son was diagnosed with asthma. I kept pushing for allergy testing, and everythign kept coming back negative, yet the asthma medication didn’t really help. We ended up finding a spot of mold about the size of a tennis ball right above my sons bed, in the room my kids shared together. Glad we caught it early, it was from a leaky pipe, and because the color was reddish brown, we didn’t realize it was mold. Once that area was cut out, and replaced, all symptoms that both of my children had for over a year were gone, and have not returned. Asthma diagnosis, gone. Mold is not something to mess with.

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