“The readiness is all”

I have been thinking lately about flexibility, spontaneity, and structure, and the balance we must have of each in our lives. I like structure. My husband is spontaneous. I loved this when we were dating, because it meant that we would have surprise, at-the-drop-of-a-hat dates, and lots of memories made in moments that would have otherwise been lonely or tedious. I still love this trait (I am not the type who turns around and hates the traits in my husband that I loved in my boyfriend). But it takes preparation to be spontaneous, at least on my part. I usually spend my Saturday mornings cleaning house and preparing for the Sabbath so that when Jeremy comes home from work in the afternoon, I can be free to join in whatever he feels like doing – whether it’s a planned date or just a spur-of-the-moment idea. If I have not been diligent to make the preparations needed, I am not free to join in. This quote from one of my favorite blogs reminded me of that. “The readiness is all”. Being ready to be spontaneous requires structure and a certain amount of preparedness. And flexibility is necessary for when plans – new or long in place – get re-directed.

clipped from www.ylcf.org

“And at this point her thoughts would come up against Hamlet’s words, ‘The readiness is all,’ and cling to them as to a rock. That put it in a nutshell. That was the only possible attitude to life and death as well as to love. You had to be ready to be used or not used, picked up or cast aside, and it didn’t really matter which it was provided you yourself were pliant to fate like a reed to the wind.

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  1. Sarah Avatar

    Great post, Trina. You are very right- flexibility is essential. I enjoyed being able to talk about this with you some, on Wed. night. I really like the ylcf blog, too! 🙂

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