Why must we say “A big, green dragon” instead of “a green, big dragon”? Admit it – one sounds right, the other sooo wrong – but why?
Why “red cloth napkins” and not “cloth red napkins”?

Maybe my newest thrift store book find, (or could it be my ‘thrift store newest find’?) “The Elements of Style” will shed some light on this question on the order of adjectives. At least it should help me know where to put a comma….

My camera is broken. *Whaaaa!* Thankfully, we have the extended warranty, and when we took it to Best Buy on Saturday, the man from the geek squad said there shouldn’t be any problem – he’d ship it to Sony, and they’d probably just replace it. What a relief. I can hardly go through a day without the compulsion to take a picture (or a few dozen). I love being able to capture the beauty around me, to hold on to a moment so I can savor it every time I view the picture again. There have been 5 times in the last 24 hours that I said “I wish I had the camera” – especially when we gave Jesse a bath last night. He loves his bath so much, and his hair looked so cute all wet and wiggly all over his head as he sucked on the tail of a large, blue (or blue, large?) whale which is his favorite bath toy.

Today I am going to plant my garden. And do laundry. And kiss my baby. And my husband. 🙂 And maybe sew a few seams on my next vintage dress. I love my life.

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