Vintage 50’s dress

This is something I worked on last week, in when I needed a bit of a break from scrapbooking. I love how it turned out, but as it is a little small for me, I have to have Edwina model it for me. She doesn’t mind. She says it is her favorite dress yet, and she was excited when I told her she could keep it. That’s the thing about those vintage patterns – they only come in one size, and they run REALLY small (this pattern was supposedly size 12!). So now I am working at adjusting the pattern to make it again ’cause I really loved the dress!

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  1. Anna Avatar

    Wonderful! I'm a sucker for white cuffs–I'm adding them to a dress right now. And I love the pleats in the skirt!


  2. Anonymous Avatar

    It's very, very lovely! Aren't 50's clothes so romantic looking?! You did an awesome job!

    RetroGirl from (you guessed!) the S&S board! ^_^

  3. Alice Avatar

    *I* got to see this dress in person! Thanks for having us over last night, Trina! It was fun!

  4. Anonymous Avatar


    It's so cute!! I love the fabric you chose. Somehow aqua seems really 50s-ish. 😉 Are you going to sell it since it's too small for you? By the way, what is the pattern you used?

    –Laura (RosieMBanks from S&S)

  5. Clare R Avatar
    Clare R

    That's simply lovely. The contrast looks wonderful, especially against that green fabric. Excellent work! Aren't vintage patterns so much fun?

    —Mary-Therese from S&S

  6. Serena Avatar

    It is so pretty! I have that same fabric, and was planning on making a dress from a vintage pattern with it, too!
    QueenOrual from S&S Board

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