A Questing We Will Go

Here are my favorite pictures of getting our Christmas Tree. (OK, I admit – this is ALL the pictures – couldn’t pick a favorite!)

This was Claire’s second trip to the Christmas Tree Farm – last year she was just a week old, and stayed in the garage near the wood stove with me while Daddy and Brother went questing. This year she was excited to be a part.

Of course, Brother was an invaluable help, carrying the saw bag and helping us find a tree.

He found this “Big one, Mom!” and when I asked him to pose by it, he felt it necessary to get under it for the picture.

Claire on Quality Control – “Uhm, Brother, I think that’s a little large”

It took us a while to find the perfect tree, maybe ’cause we’ve never had room for such a big one before!

Claire helped Daddy cut it down.

Right there in the thick of things!

The proud questers

Jesse is such a helpful boy.

Just to prove I was there. This is me being a camel, I think.

We don’t usually do pictures with Santa (you can tell Claire is real enthused) but we took this just ’cause we got one last year when she was so little.

5 responses to “A Questing We Will Go”

  1. Karen Avatar

    I miss those days of galavanting through the rows of trees to cut our own down. I always loved the blue spruce because of their color and the fact that they held the heavier ornaments so well, but man were they prickly ! lol

  2. Kateri Avatar

    Totally love the photo of Claire on “quality control”. She looks totally freaked out by Santa, though Jeremy doesn't look too impressed with him either, LOL.

  3. Jeremy Avatar

    Check at the Ski and Snowboard stores. You can actually find jackets like that, usually with the snowboard clothing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Alice Avatar

    Aw! I loved the video!

  5. rahraht Avatar

    The first time I saw someone dressed as Santa, I was only 15mos and didn't realize it was my Aunts dad all dressed up. I screamed and cried for hours. He made the mistake of taking his beard off, and somehow that was worse. I was a little affraid of him for several years ๐Ÿ™‚
    Side note: I really want a jacket like Claire's! ๐Ÿ™‚

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