"Rice, anyone?" or "Sweet and Sour"

Still haven’t gotten a name for this Tutorial – please leave your suggestions in the comments!

The best gifts really DO come in small packages! And I love a box that can become an ornament and can hang on the tree. These little pint-sized, Chinese take-out boxes are just the thing for those little treasures.

I saw these made out of cloth here, selling for $20. As lovely as they were, I could never pay that much for gift wrap, and even making them myself was going to be too time consuming. Then I thought, why not make them out of paper? Suddenly I had a very cheap, very quick, adorable gift package idea! It is my second gift wrap tutorial, my Christmas gift to you, my faithful readers.

Step 1 – Have your husband make dinner. Make sure he orders at least one package of the white rice, and save the box. Mmm – that was a a yummy first step!

Step 2 – Follow my Take-Out Box Tutorial.

Step 3 – Fill gift, write the recipient’s name on the bottom, and hang on tree.

Jesse was sure he was supposed to be in the pictures I was taking.

He is really getting into the giving spirit, and has been squirrling away little bits of wrapping paper, which he crumples around bits of polyester stuffing (a truly sacraficial gift – stuffing balls are his prize possessions) and presents them with great fanfare and the command to “Open it! Open it!”

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