Of Whales and Walruses

An overheard conversation between an expectant couple (who will remain un-named).

Wife (71/2 months pregnant): I feel like a whale!

Husband: You don’t look like a whale.

(Wife looks her thanks at what she thinks is a compliment)

Husband: Whales are graceful…

(at this point the entire trailer park should be grateful that the wife appreciates her husband’s sense of humor)

Husband:…and gentle as they glide through the water…

Wife: So, what am I? (scenes from a recent viewing of Planet Blue flash through her mind) How about a sea lion, flopping its blubber across the ice?

Husband: Or a Walrus.

The End

5 responses to “Of Whales and Walruses”

  1. Serena Avatar

    Having recently felt the same way, I got a very good laugh out of this! I can see my husband saying the same thing. I can hardly wait to see more pictures of the wedding! (You look lovely, Trina.)

  2. Amy Avatar

    Oh, Trina. . . *laughing*. . .you poor dear!

  3. Trina Avatar

    Thanks for the laugh, whoever you are. 🙂 I needed it!

  4. Hoping Your Appreciate My Sense of Humor Too Avatar
    Hoping Your Appreciate My Sense of Humor Too

    It is nice to see some recent pictures of you!

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