Center of Attention

How do I choose?

Here is my bridesmaid’s bouquet and a few leftover roses I made into an arrangement.

And here is the centerpiece I made out of some fall gourds and a pinneapple I got on sale yesterday.
I can’t decide which to use as the centerpiece on my table…for now, the roses (which already had a turn on the table for a few days) are up on the counter, and the gourds get center attention.
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2 responses to “Center of Attention”

  1. Kateri Avatar

    If I had the roses, they would definately be the center of attention until they were faded! Though the gourds say do say “fall”. Both arrangements are lovely.

  2. Amy Avatar

    They’re both so lovely!! Maybe use the roses first, since they’ll spoil faster, and save the pineapple/gourd arrangement for a while.

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