Curtiss and Joanna’s Wedding – Final Decorations

Saturday morning most of us arrived at the Church pretty early – some by 9:00am, to begin hair, nails, make-up, and final decorations. Our wedding coordinator friend (who came to take over my roll so I could be free to be a bridesmaid) was awesome – she helped greatly in making sure the final details came together – Thanks, Judy! Together we discovered that one of the candelabra arrangements had frozen overnight in the fridge – inches from the brides bouquet, yet the damage was confined to one half of only one arrangement! Praise the Lord! Thankfully we had extra roses, so we quickly re-made the arrangement, and got the candelabras in place.
Judy finished the pew end decorations, which meant pinning the little miniature wreaths Anneke and I had made to the tulle bows. Meanwhile I was supervising the last of the set up in the reception room down the hall…

Elise made all the place cards. The tables had names instead of numbers, which translated into a fun game later in the evening…

It took all of Friday and literally dozens of willing hands to make the gym into a lovely reception hall. The ceiling was strung with lights, then draped with fabric. Each of the 180 chair covers had to be ironed (thanks, Kelly, Sarah, Anja, and Grandma!) and tied into place with tulle bows (I’d thank everyone individually, but I don’t even know how many people worked on that!)

Each table had a pedestal vase in the center, with a red floating candle (Anneke made dozens of these!) There were also several votive candles on each table, as well as fresh rose petals sprinkled around (thanks, Bethany!) A final, unique touch was the glass framed black and white engagement photos of Curtiss and Joanna on each table – agian, to do with that table name game later…
(Anja took a lot of these macro shots of little wedding details – good job, Lee, they’re some of my favorite of the day!)

In the next post I’ll show pics of the girls getting ready, meanwhile, here’s jumping ahead – as soon as the girl’s pre-ceremony pictures were done, I ran back into the reception hall and finished decorating the cake with fresh roses. Theresa, a cousin of the groom, did an awesome job on the cake, and I had so much fun adding the last touches!

And here is what the reception hall looked like as we all left to attend the wedding…

5 responses to “Curtiss and Joanna’s Wedding – Final Decorations”

  1. Noelle Avatar

    I love the picture of the ceiling! What kind of fabric did you use? I am hoping to do something similar for my wedding! Thanks!

    1. Trina Avatar

      Noelle, I bought up bolts and bolts of cheap 50/50 polyester/cotton fabric I found for 1.50/yard. in the end though we had probably 4 different fabric types and even shades of white. But it didn’t matter, you couldn’t see the differences when it was up on the ceiling!

  2. Amy Avatar

    Wow, I absolutely <>love<> the fabric and lights on the ceiling!! Trina, when I get married will you come do my wedding?! ๐Ÿ˜‰Amy

  3. Stephanie Avatar

    Everything really was lovely!!

  4. Whitney Avatar

    Yay! I found your blog! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love how it looks.

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