Notes from the North, part second

Journaled at 11:15am, Friday morning
After only 6 hours of sleep I slipped quietly out of our room in search of something to make me feel human. A long, hot shower and the luxury of making breakfast for myself without multi-tasking made up for not being able to sleep in past 7:30. I was just enjoying my fried eggs and homemade cinnamon raisin toast when my husband brought my sleepy-eyed children to greet me.

The ginormous professional kitchen turns food prep into yet another enjoyable vacation activity. I warmed up baked oatmeal made by one of our fellow lodgers for the kids breakfast, poured juice and milk, and peeled some clementines without colliding into a single body, though there were 10 other people busy making their versions of breakfast at the same time. No less than 5 teenage boys were huddled around a Belgian waffle maker and a box of Bisquick, prompting me to remark to Jeremy in a whisper, “How many teenage boys does it take to make a waffle?”

The lodge is equipped with everything one would need for a good time – games, books, 4 flat screen TV’s, fireplace, pool table, Foosball – and the most well-stocked liquor cabinet any of us has ever seen. One double sided industrial-sized fridge is completely full of beer. With most of our group being Baptists, it’s one amenity that’s not being utilized! The aforementioned teenage boys are, as I write, drinking orange juice in single gulps from shot glasses. Never a dull moment.

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