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To my faithful readers –
I have had to enable comment moderation on archived posts this weekend because of an avalanche of spam comments on archived posts that are offensive. I have intermittent internet connection, but am doing my best to delete them as they appear. If you come across one of these comments (which are a series of links, mostly in foreign characters), please disregard them! And bear with me as your comments will appear after I have sifted out the spam. Thanks for your patience! Oh, and if anyone has had experience blocking or dealing with a similar problem, I’d appreciate input!

2 responses to “Comment Moderation”

  1. Pam Avatar

    I had someone do this to my blog — I decided to moderate posts that were older than two weeks, so I don't have a moderation delay on my recent posts (which I keep an eye on anyway). I think the spammers actually get into Blogspot itself (not just the blog) somehow, because I got spam on blogspot, even though I was using Haloscan for comments.

    Fun to hear about your luxury accomodations.

  2. LeAnna Avatar

    Agh! It is so frustrating when spammers do that, and I've noticed they've gotten increasingly more active all over blogger as of late.

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