Notes from the North

Time to journal and a friend’s computer have given me the option of posting some random updates from our trip to Lake Placid for the Empire State Games for the physically challenged. I hope you enjoy!

Journaled at 12:51 am, Friday morning.
We made it – and, despite the overpowering aroma of Eucalyptus pervading every room of the three story lodge (J—-y spilled a bottle in the girls bathroom) – the digs are awesome! Soft, cotton sheets on the beds, tasteful Adirondack decor, spacious, luxurious living room, professional kitchen, and the list goes on. Richelle [our team’s coordinator] did good to find this place.

We left at 5, when Jeremy got off work, and ate dinner (Stromboli, fresh from the oven) in the car. 5 1/2 hours later we were at Long Lake and everyone who had arrived ahead of us piled out of the lodge to help unload. We were shown to our rooms by J—-n, who was filling the role of house mom – a necessity due to the number of teenagers in our group. We were given the rules before we’d fairly unpacked – there is a girl’s bathroom and a boys bathroom – hence the injustice of having our bathroom stunk up by a boy! I am not really complaining – I told myself “This is the stuff memories are made of” as the snow blew in the window as I used the bathroom – it was open wide all night in an effort to air out the room. Gave me flashbacks from the homestead.

The upstairs of the lodge has 8 rooms with two bunk beds in each. We are sharing a room with Micah and Elise [Jeremy’s siblings] as well as, of course, the kids. So, six people in one room – another memory making opportunity! 🙂 Claire is still awake at 1:30, singing and dancing around in her portacrib. Everyone else has succumbed to much needed sleep, and that is where I am headed now.

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