More Pics of Claire’s Dress

When not in use, it adorns the wall above her crib.

The gown has drawstrings at the wrists and inlaid lace.

She feels like a princess when she wears it.

I thought this photo, though it turned out blurry, showed so much of the VanOostrum in her. (that is my mother’s side)
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5 responses to “More Pics of Claire’s Dress”

  1. Abbey Avatar

    It is so beautiful and still so white!!

  2. Kateri Avatar

    Just beautiful. What a family treasure.

  3. Miki Avatar

    oooh, thanks so much for all of the pictures of this beautiful dress♥

    except now i have drool on my keyboard;)

  4. Clare R Avatar

    The dress is so beautiful. What a darling she is!

  5. Rachel Avatar

    I loved the dress on Claire! It looked so cute and beautiful all at the same time! And I love love love the idea to hang it on the wall above the crib! So unique!

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