Featured Favorite: Passionate Homemaking

The other night I ate dinner at the computer. (started writing this post then, but got interrupted so many times, I decided I better edit this post into past tense.) My husband had a meeting in Syracuse Wednesday night, and he was only home from work long enough to change out of his uniform. I had forgotten he was leaving (though we had put it on the calender and he had reminded me several times! Has anyone seen my brain?) so I was rather dejected as he pulled out of the driveway. A long evening at home alone! What shall I do with myself? The first answer was to throw the meat I had been thawing for dinner into the fridge. This calls for a Dad-less Dinner! I said to myself, and thought of that tiny bit of leftover grilled chicken in the fridge. Of how nicely it would pair with those 8 leftover mushrooms (Jeremy doesn’t like mushrooms) in a quesadilla. I turned on my tortilla press – oh, did I tell you I finally own my own? more in that in a minute – and quickly pressed 3 dozen tortillas from the dough I had put to soak that morning. Ahh, my best batch yet. Jesse was called (ok, we admit – dragged) in from his fun out in the yard and enjoyed his all-time favorite – a cheese quesadilla with sour cream for dipping. I created my delicious mushroom and grilled chicken quesadilla and sat down at the computer to explore my new favorite blog.

You’ve heard of Christa Taylor? She has her own modest clothing brand and authors two great, inspiring blogs, focused on fashion and femininity. WELL, I just discovered her sister has a blog – “Passionate Homemaking” and it is my Featured Favorite for the week. (I am contemplating this may become a regular feature on my blog. But, if I don’t follow through, this post will become a collectible, so be sure to bookmark it!) Lindsay writes,

I am always learning how I can be more frugal, and nutritious in my cooking and lifestyle, and enjoy it greatly. Eating nutritionally and living naturally on a budget is my vision for my homemaking. I desire to eat whole real foods to best equip our bodies for the Lord’s work, not to extend one day of my life, but that we might be more fit and ready to serve our Savior.

She is sooo on the same track as me in the area of nutritious living, yet a few miles ahead, and has filled her blog with awesome, informative posts on everything from natural sunscreen to cloth diapers to freezer meals to kombucha (that’s mushroom juice to you – more on that in a later post!). I have learned so much from browsing her blog and am so grateful people like her have made the time to share what they have learned. It’s what I want to do with my blog. But until I’ve learned everything there is to know and had time to post about it, you should go on over to Passionate Homemaking!

So, I finally found my own tortilla press. It wasn’t easy, since my mother-in-laws had been discontinued. At last I found a company making one that looked quite similar– only it was $20 more. Oh, well – it was worth the price to have yummy tortillas whenever I want. I’ve only had it two months and I’m pretty sure it’s paid for itself twice (have you priced whole wheat tortillas lately? And homemade are so much better!!!). We had them last night as soft tacos. Oh, that reminds me – I can show you how to make your own refried beans from scratch if you’re interested…I learned how to do that last month…

3 responses to “Featured Favorite: Passionate Homemaking”

  1. Traci Avatar

    Thanks for the blog tip, I’ll have to wander over there next.

    Your accomplishments impress me ma’am! Sometimes I feel like if I accomplished half of what you do in a day I’d be content.

  2. Miki Avatar

    that blog does sound like an excellent read.. thanks for the tip!

  3. Jen Avatar

    Those quesadillas sound great! Its funny you mention the Kombucha. A friend gave me a scobe about a month ago. I keep making batches, but haven’t been adventurous enough to try it yet!

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