If you were far away and I were farther
And both of us had tossed upon the sea,
I’d be peaceful if a gentle whisper
Told me you were safe across the deep.

Were I a lonely sail and you a sail, too,
Buffeted by winds and storming gales
I’d have peace in finally knowing
Your sail made it safely through the storm.

If you had docked along a peaceful shoreline
And I had come at last to rest at mine
Though the ocean live be wide between us,
I’d have peace in knowing you’d survived.

©2005 Trina Bauman

2 responses to “Mooring”

  1. abigail van buren Avatar
    abigail van buren

    I love poems! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. liv Avatar

    Wow, Trin….That made me cry.

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