A Month of Beauty

My friend, Traci, is doing a neat challenge this month on her blog – as it seems to go well with the whole subject and reason I blog anyway, I decided to take up the challenge. So, here I go, blogging about the beauty in my life this month

The beauty in my life today was…

-my living room when I got the tree out and all the pine needles vacuumed up!
-my two year old helping with the broom and dustpan
-the fact that my 5 week-old baby girl kept her midnight snack short and we were both back in bed and back to sleep in 30 min. (instead of 2 hours – beautiful, I tell you!)
-visiting with my husband’s grandparents – I am grateful that they can come and visit, and for the multi-generational relationships made possible. There is such richness and beauty in a grandmother cuddling her great-grandaughter.

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  1. Traci Avatar

    I’m so glad you’re playing along! And I’m so impressed that your tree is out. I’ve been trying for days but Mike has some Catholic tradition that he still adheres to out of habit.. not taking the tree down until some certain day.. can’t remember what the “day of obligation” is but it’s the 6th. Grrr… I want the thing out of my livingroom, lol.

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