Melon Balls at Sunset

I am such a fan of melon balls! It’s such an easy and fun way to add some style to your breakfast, snack time, or dessert (as we did last night). It only takes a little more time to scoop out balls than it does to chop a watermelon or cantaloupe, and it’s such fun. I feel gourmet just popping one in my mouth! Also, it’s a good way to serve this messy fruit to kids. Next time you’re in walmart or the grocery store, spend a few extra quarters and treat yourself to a cheap melon baller (like mine), or get yourself the deluxe Pampered Chef model (like Anja has – it does work a bit better). Did I mention FUN?
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2 responses to “Melon Balls at Sunset”

  1. Traci Avatar

    I actually own a melon baller.. definitely not a pampered one but it works well just the same. The problem is that I NEVER remember to use it. I cut fruit for years at Wegmans so I always reach for a machete knife out of habit. Perhaps you will inspire me to remember the option of melon balls next time!

  2. Meredith Avatar

    What a gorgeous shot!I, for one, have never mastered the melon baller. I end up slicing instead.

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