New Look and a Winner!

Well, by now you all have seen the new template, so there’s no need for an announcement, but I do get to tell you who our winner is!

Congratulations to Kemewh! – if you send me your address to allthatsgoodblog(at)gmail(dot)com, I’ll mail the necklace out to you!

Thanks again to all who helped me with comments and suggestions. I checked out the different template sites and took note of what you all appreciated when you get here, and this is what I came up with. A few more things will be added to the sidebar eventually, but I wanted to simplify and I just loved this template.

You all renewed my passion for blogging! Despite this busy season in my life I will be stopping by as much as I can, as the moments I spend with you are some of the most fulfilling in my day!

Thanks so much!


5 responses to “New Look and a Winner!”

  1. Kira Avatar

    I love the new look! I think it kind of reflects a late-summer-going-to-be-fall-soon feel. Very beautiful!

  2. Traci Avatar

    Oh whohoo! I get to be a neighbor! I feel not-so-long-a-drive away, lol.

  3. Traci Avatar

    I’m definitely a fan of the new look. It’s beautifully feminine, which I love. (sorry Jeremy, but I believe you’re outnumbered, lol)The three column format is one that I’ve always been tempted to go with but I’ve been too chicken to make the step. Your changes are inspirational as usual!Oh! And it also loads a lot quicker for me than the old format did.

  4. rahraht Avatar

    Love it!! It’s very easy to read and I’ve always liked that color combination. I painted my room these colors years ago 😉

  5. Serena Avatar

    It’s beautiful! I like the three-column format a lot! It keeps everything nice and accessible.

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