Looking Back Again

Only further this time. Twelve years ago this month, when I was 13, my family moved into a tipi on the top of a hill in Chenango County. I thought you would enjoy seeing some old scrapbook pages of that year. As the pictures show, we cooked over an open fire, got our milk straight from the cow, and our water from a fresh spring in the woods. We also learned to spin, and to weave baskets from the wild willow we cut from our marsh. I would love to go back and spend one day as a young girl again, trapsing through the woods and working up an appetite for dinner that always tasted better for a little apple wood smoke flavor….

2 responses to “Looking Back Again”

  1. Kateri Avatar

    Cool. I've wondered if your family took many photos. I am glad to see you at least have some. I've never did read the whole Tipi Tales series and finally did tonight.
    I've had more than a few people tell me I ought to write the story of how I grew up, but since it all seemed “normal” to me, I don't think I could write a compelling story like you are doing..as a young girl you were seeing the lifestyle with fresh eyes and a sense of adventure and wonder and that all comes through in your writing.

  2. Hoob Avatar

    Well here I am again,still savouring
    last nights delicious dinner and dessert!I had a dentist appointment today,I got a really cool color,wait till you see it.
    Mom got me a salad at Wegmans and bought me a salad dressing I could have,it was so good.dad just got home(in a suit,that is very peculiar)he was probably out campaigning.Dad is quite the political man now a days.I have to go to one of his meetings tonight,and though I don't want to I am going to go to support him.OK and yes the media is going to be there and mabey I will get my picture in the paper.Just kidding,I put that in there to make you laugh.well I gotta go campaign!

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