Christmas in April?

Oh the delight of an unexpected package in the mail! The delight doubles when I see it is from my scrapbooking and card-making pal, Rebecca! Not only does she write the most lovely and entertaining letters, but we have a custom of exchanging blank cards in the mail to share our latest design ideas. The package was sure to be full of inspiration! I made myself wait until after I served my husband dinner to open it. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Here are the cards – such great new ideas!

Sure enough, I was overjoyed at the contents – yards of the juicy ribbons, a half a dozen chipboard letters, and this lovely, hand-made journal…obviously for poetry – see the back. OH, thank you, Rebecca!
I also picked up a pad of textured card stock on sale yesterday at Joann’s – a brightly colored pack, and it matches my new ribbon beautifully!

2 responses to “Christmas in April?”

  1. carrot-eating-sarah Avatar

    Yes, the card making supplies look like so much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ Since food gets mentioned in the comments, left on your blog I shall leave off with Olivia & I's little song…
    "we eat carrots because they are sooooooooooo good, and we don't eat brownies, nooooooooooooo, no,no…we eat carrots, yesssssss, yes yes."

  2. Hoob Avatar

    OOOh aaah!your card making stuff looks so nice,that first picture I just want to eat!
    I was at Alyssa's sewing today,most of it was productive,though I must say I got alittle carried away while we were watching this really funny movie and snipped into one of our costumes ooops!Alyssa was very resourceful and we were able to cut it down to fit Anneke enstead of Kelly:)We got Anjas completely finished,Annekes halfway and Kellys and Dannielles cut out,so other than my slight mistake every thing went well.
    Then dinner came around and we couldent figure out what we were going to feed me,we ended up calling mom for our honey baked chicken recipe and we had corn and beans,it was truly delicious!
    Well I just made Anja kiss my feet(what a feeling of accomplishment!)I shall tell you why:I brought home Lorna Doone:)
    well she is not going to be happy with me for long if I stay on the computer cause she wants to get on herself,so I must go.

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