Live from the Nest

Sorry I haven’t blogged – you know I’m a “show and tell” blogger, but I can’t get this week’s photos to upload. Plus the fact that we don’t have air conditioning in the computer room. Not much motivation to sit in a sweltering room with tech issues – I’m too busy nesting! For those who read this blog through google reader or something and don’t see my ticker, I’m 38 weeks and 6 days today – my due date is a week from tomorrow (25th)! I have so much I wanted to do before baby, I asked the Lord to help me prioritize and not stress about the list. By His grace, I am feeling good about what I have gotten done. Freezer has a load of food in it, house is relatively clean, every space that I can reach has been depth cleaned and organized (except the studio, but I have to have something to do in my spare time after the baby is born, right???), and I have neat little piles of baby clothes, receiving blankets, and teensy, weensy diapers stacked on my dresser ready for somebody’s birthday. Today’s list includes wrapping up loose ends around the house, cooking for the weekend, and then maybe sitting down and relaxing for a few minutes.
That is the best I can do for a photo-less update. I’m sure within a week or two, however, this blog will be clogged with pictures of sweet, new, adorableness being admired by doting siblings…I’m just warning you. ☺

4 responses to “Live from the Nest”

  1. Mrs. Guthrie Avatar

    You're planning on having spare time?? 😉 Sounds like you are doing great!! 🙂 Praying for a safe and easy delivery and looking forward to pictures of the bundle of cuteness! 🙂

  2. Заворохин Владислав Avatar

    На блоггера не похожа. Но вот на маму это уж точно

  3. Aurora Avatar

    I second what Abbey said above! Can't wait for those pictures! Hope that all goes well with everything!

  4. Abbey Avatar

    I can't wait for the new adorableness to begin!!!:)

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