The View From Here

A Boy. On top of a Board. On top of a Drop Cloth. On top of The Tub.

A Girl. In a Shower-Stall-In-Progress. With a Hammer.

Trying on Daddy’s sheetrock stilts for size.

Posing with the ShopVac.

The amazing thing about this man is how tirelessly he has worked on our new bathroom/bedroom, and how patient he is to have his little helpers around his feet all day. He worked until 11pm last night, and has made great strides in our master bathroom.

Meanwhile, the Half Bath in the Hallway is finished!!!! It’s hard to get a picture of because it’s so cute and tiny.

Is it weird for me to be this excited about having an upstairs bathroom? I think not. In the 24 years of my life lived in two storie houses, half of that time I have not had the luxury of an upstairs bathroom. As a pregnant woman, it is especially nice to have this convenience! I find it’s nice for Jesse, too. He is becoming more independent with his nightime needs, and this may help him finally transition out of pull-ups!
And don’t you love the color? And my husband’s tile job? Tile and Toilet both came off Craig’s list. Darling little sink was discounted at Home Depot. Antique mirror from garage sale. Trim and the vanity lights will be installed later, but meanwhile it’s functional. Better pictures some day when I figure out how to photograph such a tiny room! ๐Ÿ™‚
Jeremy figured out my photo upload problem, so I hope to get even more progress photos up later.

2 responses to “The View From Here”

  1. Joanna Avatar

    4 DAYS!!! the ticker says only 4 days until as I put it “D” day, the end is most definitely in sight!! ๐Ÿ™‚ the renovations are looking great Trina I know how much of a blessing that little bathroom upstairs is.

  2. Belle Avatar

    Seeing your children underfoot reminded me of all the years my grandchildren did just that. They loved “helping” and being there while the adults were working on the house or yard.

    What a blessing children are. Their wonder at the world is so enchanting.

    P.S. I love your bathroom!

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