A little pilgrim

No, this is not Jesse’s Halloween costume – it’s just what he looked like the other day when he found one of my bonnets in my closet…

He came down the hallway with such a pleased look on his face.

This expression was priceless – his best attempt at looking pious? Gives me a glimpse, maybe, of what my little girl will look like (if I have one!:))

He was being goofy, and mommy was laughing…
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6 responses to “A little pilgrim”

  1. Trina Avatar

    Mrs. Kaos – the pattern is an original – made with an old straw hat. 🙂 I wrote a little how-to post on the sense and sensibility message board a few years ago – here’s the linkhttp://forums.sensibility.com/viewthread.php?tid=9885#pid75815

  2. Kate Avatar

    I love the bonnet. Did one of you talented ladies make it? And if so where can I find a pattern?

  3. Amy Avatar

    Oh my goodness, how <>funny<>!! Little kids are so much fun!

  4. Julia Marie Avatar

    He is such a cute little guy!

  5. Clare R Avatar

    He’s adorable, Trina! His expressions are indeed priceless. Aren’t cameras such a wonderful thing?

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