A List

1. I need to cut my toenails. But it requires a chain saw, so I put it off.

2. I’m going on an average of 4 hours of sleep a night.

3. Sleep deprivation does funny things to me. I talk funny, I feel funny, and, come to think of it, I probably look funny, too. I mix up my words like this:

“Honey, what was the Lame of the Nady that lived next door that died?”
“I feel like something Yard and Hummy to drink.”

4.Our little neighborhood welcomed yet another family with young children last week.

5. The average number of children each of our neighbors has is 1.7. Each seems intent on “just 2”. I thought the other day, “Boy, will they be surprised when we don’t stop at 3!” (No, this is not an announcement)

6. I wish I had a 7 year old. I just inherited a complete set of literature-based 1st grade curriculum. I was already sitting on my hands to keep from starting school with Jesse (who is only 4), and now all these lovely books are calling to me from the box. My mom made learning so much fun, I can hardly wait to begin my own children’s formal education. I’m fairly itching to teach someone to read. I need a 7-year-old.

7. I’m in love with my new Garlic White Lasagna recipe. I’ve only made it twice in two weeks.I have two frozen in the freezer, ready for when the next craving strikes.

8. I love eating as much as I want and still losing weight. Reminds me of when I was a teenager and lived on a working farm – I ate like a horse and never weighted more than 129 Lbs. (at 5’9″, that means I was pretty much skin and bones.) (Those were the days.)

9. If I had a 7 year old, it would be fun if it was a girl, ’cause I bet if I did her hair in pightails, it would stay in for more than 3 minutes.

10. My almost 4 year old is at this moment clipping his own toe nails for the first time. Thankfully, his do not require a chainsaw.

11 responses to “A List”

  1. Traci Avatar

    I too just found my toe nails after having the baby and it was just plain scary.

  2. rahraht Avatar

    As a teacher, can I just say that you are being smart to let him just enjoy learning and not try to “push” any program or method at this point?!? Believe me, kids let you know when they are ready to learn something at the next level. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Katie Avatar

    Garlic White Lasagna sounds so yummy!!! Do you share the recipe? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Natalie_S Avatar

    Sounds like he'll be reading before you know it! My husband sort of taught himself to read when he was 3 – apparently just picked up after reading all those bedtime storied with his parents. Surprised his mom to no end. I was rather more ordinary – started school at 7 and not really interested in reading before then. Of course now you can't stop me ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Trina Avatar

    Mary and Janet – thanks for the tips and hints! Yes, I know I could teach a 4 year old to read, but I've always wanted to wait till my kids (especially my boys) were good and ready before I put books in front of them. We discuss letters and sounds and all kinds of concepts on a daily basis, but I know he's not ready yet. He does know all the letters in his whole name and loves to spot them in print, but he is not yet coordinated enough to write them. We color daily, practicing our fine motor skills. I know that there are a lot of things that we can do outside of opening a book that would be considered 'school' and we have fun with those things. thanks again for the tips. Magnetic letters are definitely on my list…do you have a favorite manufacturer?

  6. Penn and Janet Avatar

    Forgot that I wanted to tell you the reading book I used is called “Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons”.

  7. Penn and Janet Avatar

    I totally agree that you can be teaching your 4 y/o to read. I started teaching my daughter to read just before she turned 3 and now at a little over 5, she is more than half way through K. I plan to start 1st grade with her early Winter.
    My son is 3 1/2 and he's not ready to read yet, but we do Answers in Genesis Preschool and he can already write his name and several other letters.

    I'd say go for it with your son!!

  8. duck Avatar

    Thank you for passing on #8 to me Trina, I am skin and bones! Ha Ha

  9. Mary` Avatar

    You can teach your 4 year old to read. My daughter could read by the time she was 3 and could read the newspaper when she started kindergarten. We had those magnetic letters on the refrigerator and when we were in the kitchen she played with them and we talked about the sounds the letters made & then played with word families. It was a game and never forced.

  10. Kateri Avatar

    #8: Yes, those were the days!

  11. Abigail Avatar

    #3 is my life. But I can't blame it on sleep deprivation.

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