Apple Season…

…has come and gone. We picked the trees clean and pressed the final batch of cider on Labor Day. Jeremy saved out a few boxes of the best apples for me to turn into sauce, so that is what I’ve been doing today. Here’s a few photos and videos of the apple doings if you were unable to join us…

Jesse and Julia (the kitchen aid) straining applesauce. 

Jess is a great help with the applesauce. As long as he gets paid afterward – with a spoon and a fresh bowlful!

Apples under pressure.

Remember – Pressure and Trials produce beautiful things, by God’s grace.

3 responses to “Apple Season…”

  1. Genuine Lustre Avatar

    Love those family projects. I have sauce left from last year, so plan to freeze apple pie filling this year. But first – getting all the corn that we picked yesterday into the freezer.

  2. Olsen Family Avatar

    That was really cool. So much home grown goodness.

  3. rahraht Avatar

    wow! what an elaborate cider press! I remember making cider like this at my grandparents house when I was little, but the press was much smaller. Oh that stuff tasted good! 🙂
    Love little Jesse introducing us to “new baby”. Seth sure is alert! Looks like you all are having a busy fall! ENJOY!

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