Sweet September Moments

Seth Franklin at 4 weeks

September is a very busy month in our family…
Lots of birthday celebrations…
            Harvesting and preserving the season’s bounty…
                           The family coal business kicks into higher gear as the temperatures drop…
Plus children are growing and changing and need to be fed at least three times a day and at least an equal number of diaper changes, if you please! At times I feel that I am going way too fast with three small children in tow, at others I’m absolutely overwhelmed and grateful for the richness of each day, and wouldn’t have it any other way. This photo of Seth captures the essence of this season well – busyness, beauty, and joy in the midst of it all. Even the fact that he is smiling in his sleep is applicable – I feel like I’m sleep walking half the time, but we’re still smiling!

3 responses to “Sweet September Moments”

  1. Belle Avatar

    Your picture makes me think: Madonna and child. So beautiful.

  2. Daisy Avatar

    Such a sweet face! He looks like such a joy to have!

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