Jesse’s Birthday, Part First

Apologies to all who are not as big a fan of my kids as I am – here goes a marathon series of posts documenting my son’s 3rd birthday. What can I say, I get kinda crazy with the camera on birthdays, and there’s several grandmas out there who love every picture I post of their great grandchildren on the blog…So, here goes…

8:30 PM the night before:
Turning three meant his first big boy hair cut. Here’s the old do – I say good bye to my beloved bowl-cut.

The new do – got touched up a bit after sleeping on it, but it was pretty good.

6:30 AM Jeremy and I get up early so he can get the cake decorated before leaving for work. Our goal is a train, with moist layers of fresh-ground, soaked whole wheat, zucchini fudge cake (hey, I had to go healthy on one front so I could justify all that frosting!)

7:30 AM The Birthday Boy gets up to a mountain of presents and piles of balloons.

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  1. Abbey Avatar

    I love that last picture! Jesse looks so happy even if he isn't all the way awake yet!lol

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