Homeschooling {Doubts and Burn-Out Already?}

I love homeschooling. We’re over half way through our first official year  with Jesse and school ranks high among his favorite activities and mine. He’s *that* close to cracking the whole reading thing, and he has an insatiable appetite for learning new things.

We’re lovin’ it, but the truth is, I was nearly burnt out before we even started homsechooling, trying to craft our homeschooling vision and choosing curriculum.  I was sleepless, insecure, confused, overwhelmed, and feeling ridiculous because I had been homeschooled“this was supposed to all be very natural, wasn’t it???

What turned things around? Reading a few good books written by the pioneers of the homeschooling movement. Find my list of favorite books for young mothers (homeschool-minded or otherwise) over at YLCF’s March of Books today.

3 responses to “Homeschooling {Doubts and Burn-Out Already?}”

  1. Jyl Avatar

    Excited to read this. I have been reading your homegrown kids book and enjoying. I can easily see how one could burn out trying to get everything perfect right at the get go. I have to make myself chill and relax about it too. 🙂

  2. Jess Avatar

    I’m excited to home school, but I certainly worry about getting burned out and giving up. I don’t know if I’m crazy to think I’ll be able to handle having 3 in the same grade at once lol

    1. Trina Avatar

      Oh, Jess! One of the secrets to sanity when homeschooling is combining your kids into the same grades in as many subjects as you can. You’ve already done this by having triplets! You’ll only be teaching one grade to three children, instead of three different grades to three different children!! And don’t forget Ave – she can be your guinea pig…teaching the triplets will be old hat. LOL

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