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On Monday a week’s worth of deep cleaning and organizing culminated in our home visit from our midwife and her assistants. I had this insane drive (read: “nesting!”) to address the mess or even the thought of mess in each room before she came. Now, understand, my midwife is very sweet and certainly did not expect or require this – no, it was all me, my tidy dutch roots, and the fact that I have a baby coming in a month! Thus my absence on the blog…

Anyway, we had a lovely visit, with everyone here who I plan to have at the birth: both my mothers, the midwife and her two assistants, plus Jeremy and ME! 🙂 I had made my grandmother’s applesauce cake and brewed the first pot of chia tea of the season. We talked about our vision for the birth, gave them a tour of the house, and discussed final preparations to be made. The whole afternoon served to just add to the growing anticipation and excitement around here about welcoming our new baby.

One thing Jeremy and I both really appreciate about the home birth experience and the attitude of our midwives is how family and child-friendly the whole thing is. The medical community often addresses pregnancy as if it were a ‘condition’ to be treated, and the birth process as an emergency. But when you view it as a beautiful, naturally occurring event, it is perfectly natural to include children and other family members in the celebration. Although Jesse will probably spend time with an auntie during the actual labor and delivery, we will have him with us a soon as possible to welcome his new sibling as a family. He has been to most of my prenatals, and the midwives welcome and enjoy his presence. Here he is not just pemitted, but actually being encouraged to ‘help’ my midwife listen to the baby and check on its progress. If you ask him “Where’s the baby?” he will point right to my belly. Don’t ask me how he understands, but he seems to! Boy is he going to be surprised when Daddy and Mommy’s predictions come true, and there is actually a baby living in our home!

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  1. rahrahbt Avatar

    Sooo exciting and only a month to go! The only sibling I didn’t see born was my brother who is 23months younger. In those days I wasn’t considered “sanitary” at almost 2yrs old :)(Right, no cracker crumbs in the labor room!!)My dad had to dress in scrubs for that one. All the other (5) kids I watched being born and got to hold right after birth. There’s nothing like it and they were all VERY different expiriences! I’m sure Jesse be glad you aren’t “shooing” him away.

  2. Trina Avatar

    I am usually a pretty private person, but I really do appreciate the support the mother can receive from a well-chosen birth team. I couldn’t have done it without my mother last time – she massaged my feet through every contraction! Now that we have the option of a home birth, I am excited that my mother-in-law can be there, too, as she actually has some midwife training. I just feel more secure with these people I trust close around me.

  3. Genuine Lustre Avatar

    Trina – I am wishing you the best! I”ve had four homebirths and it is so nice to stay put and get snuggly in your own bed afterwards. However, I am a private person and don’t want anybody there – (our families are not supportive about birth at home.) I guess I consider the birth an extension of the conception and I think it should be private. But that’s just me. You need to do whatever makes you feel safe and comfortable. Looking forward to your birth report later!

  4. Traci Avatar

    Having Aidan with me at my doctor’s appointments were my favorite part I think. The first time he went and held the little microphone it startled him so much that he threw the thing across the room and about fell off the stool, lol. But from that point on he always wanted to go and hear the baby go “ba boom ba boom”.. course it probably helped that she gave him pretzels and made critters out of rubber gloves for him.I’m glad you’re getting everything ready because with the holidays approaching, Rachel and Jake’s wedding in the future, etc. I’m sure it eases your mind a lot. I also think it’s so cool that you are planning such a family celebration of it all. Michael and I always preferred it to be a special time between the two of us but even if we hadn’t I’m not sure our mothers would have even wanted to participate.. I imagine that they are quite a support system for you, and that’s awesome!

  5. Trina Avatar

    I just re-installed a ticker at the top left column of the blog, kira!

  6. Kira Avatar

    Ah yes…chi tea is essential for the impending chilly season! (we got snow this morning!)I’m so excited for you and your new baby! How much further do you have to go?

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