What Jesse has been up to this Fall

Inspired by daddy and mommy constantly taking pictures, the Boy now has an old point-and-shoot which he carries around by a strap on his neck. He is very good at winding it so he can get it to click. Here he is taking a macro shot of an apple:

And a portrait shot of mommy…

He was caught in the un-provoked act of sharing, first his afternoon snack, then his sippy cup with his favorite stuffed animal. He is getting ready to share with his little brother or sister.

He helps almost every day with the breakfast dishes. He stands beside me and ‘rinses’ his cups while I wash. This is a great way to share quality time and get him used to helping in the kitchen. He was very proud of himself the other day when he got both his cups to stack under the faucet.

Dressing for Fall
this is Auntie Lee sharing Fall Fashion tips with Jesse last night at worship practice. We have a nice nip in the air, and promise of snow coming. We are now off to the park to enjoy the last of this week’s sunshine.

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2 responses to “What Jesse has been up to this Fall”

  1. Olivia Joy Avatar

    hey hey hey he’s so cuuute!!! He looks like me more every day 😉

  2. Anneke Avatar

    I can’t believe I’m related to that adorable little boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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