Habitual Pose

Claire is Three Months Old today. I had no idea how much joy this little girl would bring me. She makes every day special – really! I dreamed of a daughter named Claire for so many years, it still thrills me to think that she is here.

She is absolutely addicted to her fingers now. She seems to have settled on the pointer and middle fingers – but she is ambidextrous, not yet preferring one hand over the other. It’s really cute when she finally gets them in place, she will often cup her other hand over the sucking fingers – as if she was trying to hide her habit. It’s ok, Claire – Mommy sucked her thumb till I was 6! 🙂

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2 responses to “Habitual Pose”

  1. Abbey Avatar

    I love the new header,Trina!!It is soo cool!!

  2. Jen Avatar

    Claire is getting so big! She is beautiful, Trina!

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