In Like a Lion…

Welcome March! You are frigid and gray today, but perhaps you will leave us in a better mood.

I think I’ve mentioned – SouleMamma is my new favorite blog. One of the things that I love is that she posts almost every day, and each post is full of great photos and lovely (but not-too-overwhelming) inspiration. I mean, we all love to be inspired, but who wants to feel completely inadequate and disorganized every time you visit a certain blog? ( I certainly hope no one feels that way when they visit here!) SouleMamma’s photos sometimes have clutter in the background…she talks about real stuff, like piled up laundry and head colds, but somehow continues to find beauty in each day. I love her latest post, about finding a way to keep doing what you love…

Sometimes these things – our passions and our projects – get done in simple, yet miraculous ways: in the two-minute increments of time that may appear at a time; with the help of a sweet husband who carries a little extra weight for a moment so I can do something as silly as knit a sleeve in silence; or as the chosen priority for a day over a pile of laundry/bathroom cleaning/bill paying. Sometimes we go to extreme/comical/ridiculous measures to make our passions happen in the everyday. Because the way it makes me feel – the way it feeds my soul – well, that fuels me to be a better person. And a better mom.

I’m excited about March at All That’s Good Blog. It’s our 2nd anniversary this month, and I’m actually not too busy to make note of it as I was last year at this time. We’re gonna celebrate with a give away – whoo-hoo!- as well as re-posting some of our favorite posts from the archives. You’re gonna love it.

If you read us in GoogleReader, be sure to stop by and see how we’ve decorated for March. 🙂 Also, you may have noticed our email addy changed – in an effort to simplify and streamline my computer time, I have been consolidating my three (yes, three!) different email addresses. The blog’s old address still exists, but I’m having the blog’s mail go directly to my personal email now. This means our mail gets checked more often and hopefully answered more promptly! If you are contacting either of my sisters I will simply forward it straight to their personal addresses.

Finally, a bit of trivia – did you know that this blog started out with a different name? It was kinda goofy and was only up there for about a month while I figured out what I really wanted to call my blog. Does anyone know what the blog was called originally? Leave a comment with your guess!

5 responses to “In Like a Lion…”

  1. Duck Avatar

    It was me.

  2. Trina Avatar

    Score! you’re absolutely right! So, who is our anonymous commenter?Serena, I didn’t realize you’d been around this long – congrats on being one of our most faithful readers! LOL!

  3. Serena Avatar

    Oh, and the new look is lovely!

  4. Serena Avatar

    It was March Madness! March Madness: This has nothing to do with basketball…(that last bit might not be the <>exact<> wording)

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    March Madness??

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