Going Green with Cloth Shopping Bags

I was so inspired by a visit to one of my favorite blogs last week, when Anna posted about her new cloth shopping bags. When she promised a tutorial, I got even more excited, and dug through my stash to see if I had what it took – only a yard of fabric, and about an hour’s time! I had the cloth, found some nice corresponding yardage at Walmart for $1/yrd., and carved out the time last week to make my own collection of bags.

I admit to being compulsive – I made all 8 bags in two days! Even when my sewing machine jammed, I didn’t let it stop me – I got out my trusty old treadle and peddled away! I had forgotten just how much I loved sewing on it – it runs so smooth and quietly!

Once they were finished, I could hardly wait to go grocery shopping – justification enough for the project – I dislike shopping normally! But here I was, eagerly waiting for the chance to use my bags. I even dreamed about them – that I had forgotten them, and had to use plastic bags after all!

What do you know, it happened – I ran into Wegman’s for 2 things (which turned into 6) on Friday, and at the checkout realized I had missed my first opportunity. ๐Ÿ™ OH, well, I asked for paper. ๐Ÿ™‚

This week I was determined to remember, and I had the most enjoyable shopping trip! Maybe it is ’cause I’m finally getting the hang of getting in and out of the stores quickly with what I need, maybe it’s ’cause I found some good sales. But I think the magic was in my lovely cloth bags keeping me company all through the trip! The corduroy-lined one worked great for keeping my cold stuff insulated on the way home, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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5 responses to “Going Green with Cloth Shopping Bags”

  1. Meredith Avatar

    I believe your bags turned out even prettier than Anna's! Love the corduroy lining idea.

  2. heidi Avatar

    I love them Trina! All your bags turned out so beautiful, I can understand why your shopping trip was so much fun.

    I am planning on making a set for my Mom for Christmas this year, and now I can't wait to get started.

  3. Elizabeth Avatar

    That sewing machine makes me swoon!

  4. Lauren Christine Avatar
    Lauren Christine

    Those are great!!! I need to make some…

  5. Amy Avatar

    Trina, your bags turned out so cute!! And that is so neat about the corduroy keeping things cold – maybe I'll make some for my Mom for Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration!

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