Wreath Delivery Day

Yesterday was D-Day for us – after 4 days of making wreaths and garlands, it was time to deliver our orders. 12 wreaths, ranging from 25″ to 45″ across, and over 24 feet of garlands. Installation is part of the deal, so Jeremy loaded the pick-up with a step ladder, hammer and nails, and I packed some wire and clippers. Jesse stayed with his Grandma, as we would be gone all morning.

This is a 4o” wreath for the gable end of this winery. We also hung matching wreaths on their double front doors, as well as one on the exit.

I enjoyed this custom order – they wanted purple ribbon and grapevine incorporated into the swags that would hang on the beams of their entryway. I’m wiring it at the base so it won’t blow in the wind.
Our deliveries took us to 7 wineries all around Seneca Lake.

I packed a picnic and we enjoyed it in a gazebo in the park at the top of the lake. Here it is mid-November and we were just wearing sweaters! (see my cloth bag – it worked for a bag lunch, too! :))

I was so glad to be done with the wreaths and orders for the week – it was a lovely, peaceful way to celebrate! 🙂
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4 responses to “Wreath Delivery Day”

  1. Aunt Marilyn Avatar
    Aunt Marilyn

    Trina, they are beautiful. And you "install" them as well. Now that's value added to the beauty!
    I love wreaths at Christmas. I actually have one that is grape vines and ribbons with an angel announcing Christ's birth that I hang by the front door each year.I change the ribbon color sometimes. It was a wedding present we've cherished all these 22 years!
    Love to you

  2. heidi Avatar

    Congratulations on finishing your wreath project, they look so lovely.

    Now I can't wait until our family makes wreaths, its usually the second week of December!

  3. Laney Avatar

    They look awesome!

  4. Will Avatar

    Trina those look very nice!

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