Fried Zucchini!

My favorite way to eat zucchini – well, except for zucchini bread, but you don’t need a recipe for that, hopefully. (if you DO this website is great for whatever recipe you’re looking for)

Beat an egg and a little milk in one bowl. mix a few tablespoons each of flour and Parmesan cheese in another, and add a little salt and maybe some garlic powder. slice a nice, big zucchini (the one that started to take over the garden while you were over weeding the zinnias yesterday afternoon) about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. dip in the egg mixture, then in the flour. then fry over high heat in coconut oil. Turn when golden brown and fry the other side. Oh yum! My husband ate his dipped in some tomato sauce. It’s the Italian in him – he just loves dipping sauce. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. The Red Lobster Avatar
    The Red Lobster

    Bob, maybe you should get a different lawyer, one named Bob no less! His firm is Bob Lob Law (say it together really fast) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I don't think I have ever had fried zucchini….Fried eggplant, yes, fried okra, yes, fried squid (yes I ate a relative) I have even been fried myself, boy was that was painful! I am going have to find someone with hands to fry me up some zucchini, I am getting hungry

  2. Battered Bob Avatar
    Battered Bob

    You may have noticed that you haven't gotten a comment from me lately (then again maybe you don't really care about my comments therefore not missing me in the least). Thats because I have been visiting my lawyer in Alaska.
    Man is it ever cold out there!
    I stepped off the plane with my soda and it froze in my hand! And then my hand froze to the soda can! I had to rip it off. Don't worry the plastic surgeon fixed me up as good as new.
    Anyways, My lawyer had these 2 GIANT dogs, there favorite thing to do was to jump on my back, Hello! Who is supposed to be carrying who here? Ya, they had some issues.
    Anyways the zucchini looks great!
    About the only thing they eat out there is snow and whale fat! I was more than happy to get home.
    That was the happy side of my trip believe it or not!
    Well, more later.

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